Winter Home Design Trends 2020- How To Upgrade Your Living Space

As winter is here, homeowners have some good reasons to refresh their living spaces. Since you would be staying indoors for most of the season, a warm and comfortable ambiance would be desirable. Moreover, you can expect guests for the festivities, although the guest list will probably be shorter this year. Still, you would want your house to look welcoming and impressive. It is best to know the latest decor trends before you invest in a makeover so that you spend on the right places and elements. Here are the winter home design trends to follow as you upgrade your living space in 2020. 

Earthy tones are making it big 
When it comes to the color palette for the season, earthy tones are a hit everywhere, whether on the ramps or home decor. You can opt for the basics like browns and beiges or pick the more unconventional choices like orange, caramel, cinnamon, and grey. Since earthy tones replicate warm and relaxing vibes, they are ideal for winter decor. So if you are planning a paint makeover this year, you need not struggle much as earthy is the way to go. 

Abstract patterns are in vogue 
Abstract patterns are emerging as a much-loved trend as they define fun, free-spirited interiors. Geometric paint patterns, hand-drawn sketches, and color-blocked cushions and rugs are some ways to bring this trend into the decor of your place. Abstracts create a mood and give a personality to your home. Punchy colors and bold patterns take things a notch higher. 

Warmth is always a winner 
Even as we talk about the winter home design trends for 2020, warmth is an evergreen trend for the season. You would always want your living space to be warm and comfortable as temperatures drop. Investing in the best electric fireplace for your living room is the right place to start. Buy a thick rug to cover the floor and have some luxurious throws to add an extra layer of warmth to the sofa. 

Bare bricks make a comeback 
A retro decor trend that has made a big comeback this year is bare bricks. If you are looking to embrace this trend, start with an accent bricked wall in the living room. Terracotta bricks are popular this season because earthy tones are the colors of the year. They make a great combination with white walls, so you will have to work only on one wall rather than the entire room. 

Green is evergreen 
Another winter home decor trend that is here today as it always was is green. With Christmas around the corner, the Christmas tree will be an element of your living space sooner rather than later. Pick some more indoor plants to have the green hue everywhere around the house. You can create a vertical herb garden on the living room wall to bring bright cheer and good health indoors. 

Following these trends wouldn’t cost a fortune because you need not hire an interior designer nor spend a lot on decor to replicate them. But they can make your living space a winter haven. So go ahead without second thoughts