4 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Needs A Backup Generator

If your home is hit by a power outage, it could be hours before the electrical company gets things up and running again. In some cases, that might be a bit of an inconvenience and it means you can’t watch TV for a few hours. However, the effects of a power outage can be a lot worse than you realize, which is why every homeowner should have a backup generator, just in case. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider the potential impact of a power outage, so they don’t have a backup plan in place. These are some of the situations where a generator is so important. 

Saving Your Food 

If your power goes out and your refrigerator switches off, food will start to spoil right away. It will survive an hour or two at most, depending on the weather, after which it will go bad. Think about how much you normally spend on your grocery shop each week and now imagine if all of that food gets wasted. That’s a serious amount of money to throw in the bin, but you can avoid all of that if you have power generators that kick in straight away and get the refrigerator back on. People often underestimate how quickly their food can go bad, so they don’t worry too much about eating food after a power outage. But this puts you and your family at risk because food can be dangerous to eat after just a few hours. 

Running A Home Business

A short power outage doesn’t do too much damage if you are just at home, putting your feet up. But if you run your own business from home, a power outage is a far bigger problem. Every second that the power is out, you are unable to run your business and you lose money. It can cause problems with clients as well if the phone cuts out mid-conversation. It doesn’t look very professional if your business shuts down, which is why you should always have a backup generator ready to go. 

Powering Medical Devices

If you or anybody in your family uses a medical device that relies on electricity, a power outage can be very dangerous and potentially even life threatening. Things like oxygen tanks or heart monitors are essential, so you need a backup generator to run them during a power outage. Make sure that you have plenty of extension cords ready so you can get them up and running immediately. Even battery powered devices will only last a certain amount of time, and if the power is still not on, you are in a dangerous position. 

Charging Electric Vehicles 

Being able to charge an electric vehicle at home is a lot easier than driving out to the gas station every time you need to fill up. But what happens when the power goes out? If you have a full charge, you might be alright. If you have just returned from a long trip, on the other hand, your car will be out of action and that’s a big problem for most people. The good news is, you can use a generator to charge your electric vehicles instead of using mains electricity. 

These are just some of the situations when a power generator can be a lifeline, sometimes literally, so every homeowner should invest in one.

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