5 Things You Can Do with a Loft Conversion

Extending property is a common choice for those looking to add an extra room in their home, but there are other ways you can do this with the structure you already have. One way is by converting a cellar or garage, the other is by having a loft conversion. If you don’t use your loft for storage or there is very little being kept up there, perhaps you have thought about taking on this kind of home improvement project? If you’re still unsure whether a loft conversion is right for you, here are 5 things you can turn your loft into to upgrade your home. 

The most obvious choice is turning your loft into an additional bedroom. This can be a great solution for those whose family is expanding, but they don’t want to move to a bigger property or would like to have a guest room for when people come to visit. Usually, there are sloped ceilings in these spaces, so finding clever storage solutions instead of putting in a large wardrobe might be necessary, but it could still make a lovely bedroom for your kids or your guests to stay in. You might be able to alter the roof, but you would have to speak to professionals who specialize in loft conversions

Many people have had to start working from home this year and if you think this might become a permanent thing for you, you might be wondering where you can set up your work station full-time. If you don’t need an extra bedroom, why not convert your loft into a study where you can work in peace? It might help you to stay motivated and focused when you are working from home. Alternatively, you could transform your attic into a cute little library or reading room for when you want some quiet to escape into a great book. 

Games Room 
If you’re someone who likes to play the host, maybe turning your loft into a games room could be a good idea? If the space is big enough you could put in a small pool table, but it would be an ideal space for those who love to play video games – comfortable seating and TV monitors to hook up your games consoles to can easily fit in an attic. You could even consider putting in a small fridge to keep drinks cool, saving you and your guests having to go back down to the kitchen all the time. 

Home Cinema 
While it’s not quite the same as a big auditorium, there is a chance that a film lover could transform their loft into a haven for watching their favourites. Again, the space is big enough to fit comfortable seating, and you could set up a projector against one of the walls to create a cozy den-like cinema room.  

Play Room 
Finally, if you have children and their toys seem to be getting under your feet every five minutes, you could always convert your loft into a playroom for them and their friends. They’ll love to have a private room to play in and it will allow you to get some peace downstairs. 

There are many things you can do with a loft conversion, so why not make this your next home improvement project?

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