Blending Modernity: How to Add a Touch of Rustic Charm to a Modern Home

Modern life has its benefits. High-speed internet, 4K TV, blockbuster movies packed to the brim with special effects, electric cars and music streaming. Technology is improving at an exponential rate. In a few short decades we’ll be so far advanced it is hard to consider. If part of you yearns for simpler times, but you don’t want to give up all the bells and whistles of modern life, why not incorporate some rustic design elements into your modern home? In this article, we’re going to blend modernity and you’ll learn how to do this easily.

Invest in Timber Furniture
Timber furniture, like a wooden bedside table, is a perfect way to introduce a touch of rustic class to a modern home. And why stop at bedside tables? You can get a timber chest of drawers, timber dining room table and timber chairs. Timber can contrast well with modern elements, like having a timber entertainment unit with your flatscreen TV mounted on the wall in the middle. Here’s a tip - contrast the timber with your choice of paint palette scheme for the rooms where the timber pieces are a feature.

Support Local Business
Source your rustic themed items from local craftspeople and artisans. Have a look online for carpenters or joiners near you, and commission your timber furniture from them. As well as achieving that authentic rustic style you’ll be supporting a local business. 

Install a Wood Fireplace or Wood Fire Heater
Why not bring your heating back to basics and install a fireplace or wood fire heater? This can actually be a rather effective way of heating your home while giving it that added touch of rustic charm. Plus, you get to curl up next to the fire with a book or podcast and relax with its soothing warmth, while listening to the logs crackle and pop. 

Incorporate Antiques into Your Aesthetic
If you have the room, try incorporating some antique items into your modern home. This could be a coat stand or small items like iron wrought items or other older decorative pieces. You don’t have to sacrifice any modern comforts for this, and it will go a long way to achieve that rustic feel that you’re looking for. On road trips, stop by little antique and opportunity shops, you never know what great finds you’ll discover off the beaten path. You’ll likely find some bargains if you look long enough. 

Keep Your Palette Neutral
You’ll find that a neutral colour palette is best to complement rustic design choices. Bright, flashy colours are out and soft, cool neutral tones are better. Think soft whites, blues, creams and greys. Make sure to make your throw cushions, rugs and blankets to your paint scheme. Your timber pieces will really pop against a neutral paint palette, too. 

Go For Grit
Rustic doesn’t mean sleek, polished and perfect - that’s modern or neo design. Instead, you want some rough, unpolished edges and raw, natural looks. Your timber furniture and other rustic elements should reflect an almost unfinished aesthetic.

A Rustic Conclusion
Invest in some timber furniture, and support local business by commissioning them from a local craftsperson or artisan maker. Install a wood fireplace or wood fire heater for a rustic feel, and make sure to incorporate some antiques into your design choices. Keep your colour palette neutral, and opt for a gritty, unpolished feel for your rustic items.

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