How Do You Clean Yoga Bolsters?

A yoga bolster is used to help you achieve trickier poses. It helps you contort your body in a more natural manner, and it is especially helpful for people who are undergoing physiotherapy and need help getting into certain poses. If you have not already bought yourself a Yoga bolster, then you can get yourself a yoga bolster pillow here. If you do have a yoga bolster and you want to clean it, then here are a few tips. 

Do What You Can to Keep it Clean 
Sounds obvious, but if you let it sit in a damp area for a long time, then you are going to have a hard time getting rid of the mouldy smell. If you let your cat use it as a sleeping spot, then you are going to be pulling cat hair off it for months. It sounds like dopey advice, but keep it clean to start with, and the actual cleaning of your pillow will be a lot easier. 

You Will Need to Clean the Cover More Often 
In a perfect world, you will rarely have to clean the pillow as a whole. In most cases, you will only clean the cover. Remove the cover, and if you can, you should soak it in cold water, and wash it yourself by hand. Rinse in cold water, and allow it to drip dry before putting on a radiator, or hang it outside to dry. Do it this way in order to stop the cover from shrinking or warping. On the other hand, it all depends on the type of material being used. Your cover is probably washing machine safe. However, you should still wash it on a cold wash, or a 30 degree wash to help stop it shrinking. It is not the end of the world if it shrinks or warps a little because it will stretch back out. It just makes getting it back onto the pillow a little more tricky. 

Washing the Pillow Innards 
Hand wash unless the label says you are able to put it in the washing machine. Be very careful when it comes to spin driers. Most care instructions will tell you not to put your pillow's innards in a spin drier. With that in mind, take great care when drying your pillow. It can take far longer than you think because the outside may look dry, but the inside may still be wet. Keep it on a radiator in the spare room when it is not in use and keep it in a warm area even after you have dried it. This is just to be on the safe side because the last thing you want is the inside rotting. 

Final Thoughts - Check the Label 
It probably sounds obvious at this point, but you should check the label before washing or cleaning your pillow. There are hipsters out there who have bought their lavender-filled pillow from the funny smelling shop on the edge of town, and three weeks later have tried to wash it in their washing machine and have clogged every drain in their house. It sounds like an obvious bit of advice, but sometimes it is just easier to check the label before you wash or clean your pillow

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