Make It Easier To Run Your Business On The Go

Now, more than ever, people are running their business in different ways, with a lot of them deciding not to stick to the traditional office environment as their HQ. For a lot of small business owners, their HQ might be on four-wheels, or wherever they happen to be staying. If you’re on the go constantly, whether it’s for meetings or because your services can happen anywhere that you go, this might include you. However, a business needs to be organised, no matter where it’s based. Spending a lot of time travelling can, indeed, make it a little harder to keep on top of things. For that reason, we’re going to look at the ways you can make your business runs smoothly no matter where you take it.

Have the right vehicle
If you spend a lot of your working time on the road, then you had better make sure you have the right vehicle. You might do just fine in just your regular car but, what if your limited boot space is also limiting how much stock you can carry and sell? What if you need to transport equipment and it’s difficult without purpose-made space? Consider whether or not you should get a van for your business or at least a vehicle better suited to your needs.

Always be in touch
If you travel a lot, then you are likely to not be a stranger to the moment that you veer out of range of digital and phone signals. Even when you’re in range, you don’t want to be answering the phone too much while driving. For that reason, it might be a good idea to work with a virtual receptionist who can take calls and messages for you, helping ensure that you’re never just out of reach of your clients, but can at least keep the lines of dialogue open for when you’re ready to respond to them.

Make sure you can take payments wherever you are
If you’re running sales or you’re providing a service door-to-door (or in pop-up locations, as the case may be), then you should ensure that you’re able to get paid there and then. If you keep it to cash alone, you’re going to find customers who are hesitant to reach out because they might not know when they will next physically have cash. You may want to instead consider using payment processing equipment that can take cards or other payment formats. The preferences of customers and how they pay is changing, so you want to be sure you’re accommodating them as best as you can.

Keep your team in the loop
If you have any employees or any other kind of professionals who act as your colleagues, it’s essential that the lines of communication and collaboration are kept open as much as possible. You can’t be there to chat with them in real-time at all times, but you can make sure that you have an organised and unified approach to comms with team communication software.

Keep your tools at hand
Working on the road, some of your workload might rely on tools that you take with you from place to place. For instance, a hairdresser will bring their hairdryer, scissors, clips, and so-on with them. But even those business owners will have admin to take care of, such as responding to emails, running marketing campaigns, and so on. Make sure that you have Cloud-connected software so that you’re able to continue your work from any location and any device rather than being tied down to one. You might intend to bring your laptop everywhere with you but that might not always be possible so you should at least make sure you don’t lose track of your work when you can’t access it.

Outsource when you need to
Sometimes, you simply may not have the attention and time necessary to do everything, yourself. That’s why you should be open to outsourcing tasks that you can’t handle. Using a virtual receptionist is just one example of outsourcing, but you can also delegate social media, marketing, data entry, and bookkeeping work to trusted professionals, for some more examples. Know when you have too much on your plate and when you need some help with it.

The tips above aren’t going to apply to all businesses, but you should hopefully be able to utilise at least a few of them. Running a business is a little unorthodox, so you need to think outside the box when it comes to organizing it, too.

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