Make Office Spaces Beautiful and Safe Again!

Office have had a big hit in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus. Most of the offices around the globe closed and people started working from home. When returning to the office, there are multiple facets that can be taken into account. For example, how do we ensure that a safe office environment can be offered? How do we deal with the aesthetics and design of the office in such a case? Luckily existing furniture companies can come to the rescue. A good example are the freestanding screens. These screens have been around in offices, but can now offer more functions. 

Freestanding screens can ensure that employees keep distance 
The use of freestanding screens can help employees to keep their distance from each other. It can clearly demarcate the area that the employee can work from. Furthermore, it also stimulates people to work in the middle of their desks as opposed to a more open environment that invites people to work from any side of the desk. There are multiple types of freestanding screens available. For example, there are low screens that can be placed in between desks as a demarcation, but there are also higher screens. These can be equipped with a television to be used to present. 

Special meeting rooms 
We see these screens being used in small ‘meeting cubicles’ these consists of three screens and a couch with a table. One of the screens is equipped with a televisions while the others have a couch placed against them. These small spaces can be placed in coffee corners and other office environments to stimulate collaboration between employees. 

Limiting the spread of viruses 
Higher screens can also be placed in between desks or dedicated locations. This can help people to focus as well, as it creates an intimate work environment to do focused work. Another upside? It helps by creating a better acoustic environment in the office. As becomes clear, freestanding screens come to the rescue in multiple scenarios depending on the business needs. 

Where to purchase such screens? 
When it comes to the market of office furniture, there are many players around. There are niche and regional players, looking for specific styling or geographical markets. On the other hand, there are large players active on the international market. When it comes to the office, design has become of essence. Selecting a good supplier thus depends on design. Offering an inspiring and safe environment for employees has become a key point to ensure engagement and create a good culture. 

One of the leading office furniture companies active in the market is They develop a broad range of office supplies such as seats, desks, tables, screens and storage space. With the increased trend of sustainability and the circular economy, the company is now also offering circular furniture which is made from recycled plastics and other materials.

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