What Are Companies Like Google Doing To Keep Employees Safe From Germs?

In 2019, germs, viruses and bacteria weren’t on businesses’ radar. Few people had even heard of something called a coronavirus. But today, it is almost normal. And the pre-COVID-19 world is receding in the rearview mirror. Companies like Google, however, are adapting. The top priority right now is to keep people as safe as possible and ensure that firms survive. So what strategies are they employing? 

Work-From-Home Policies
The type of work-from-home policies companies are using vary considerably from firm to firm, but the basic gist is the same: to cut the risk of infection. Most top-flight firms are operating so-called “hybrid” models. Here, workers go to physical premises once per week or so, and then spend the rest of the time tapping away on their laptops on their kitchen tables. The idea is to create the ideal balance of safety and productivity. 

Improved Cleaning Services
Brands like Google are also massively upgrading the rigour of the cleaning services they use. Service professionals are doing much more than emptying waste paper bins. They’re using special cleaning chemicals, like isopropyl alcohol, to disinfect surfaces in buildings and ensure they’re safe for workers arriving the following morning. Cleaning is now a strategic aspect of commercial activity. If it’s not up to scratch, people could fall sick, and that could interrupt your operations. 

Social Distancing Stickers
While some people have to go into work to do their jobs, social distancing is still essential. With it, companies can slow the rate of transmission and keep people safe. Knowing where to stand, though, isn’t always obvious. A lot of employees find it difficult to maintain a two-metre distance between themselves and other people just by eye. Social distancing stickers, however, can help. With these on the floor, you can control the flow of people and ensure that they stay far enough apart to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Please note that social distancing at work won’t prevent transmission altogether. If somebody in your organization is carrying the disease, others will get sick. However, it will help to prevent multiple people from falling ill at the same time. 

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance
Even before COVID-19, regularly maintaining company HVAC systems was critical. Viruses can build up on the filters and spread infection to the rest of the building. Now that coronaviruses are known to go airborne, it’s more important than ever. If you haven’t already, hire a professional cleaning company to resolve the issue at your enterprise. 

Educational Seminars
Google and other big tech companies love their educational seminars. It’s a chance for them to instruct their employees precisely how to think and what views they should hold. But there’s another advantage to this collegiate approach: it explains to employees how they can fight the coronavirus and minimize risks. Sometimes just explaining why people need to wash their hands under warm soapy water for 20 seconds is enough to provoke changes in their behaviour. 

So that’s what companies like Google are doing to keep employees safe. Will yours follow suit?

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