6 Ways To Pay Your Bills On Time

There is nothing harder than paying bills on time when you are trying to balance the money coming in and going out. Making late payments can impact your ability to borrow money and can impact your ability to buy a house one day. Paying your bills on time has a rolling effect on the rest of your life. Making late payments also leads to owing even more money as the late fees and penalties rack up. Making your payments on time should be one of your top priorities, and if it's not, we've got some helpful tips to help you to make those payments on time. You need guidance - as do we all from time to time - on how to make sure that you have paid your bills on time. Below, we've put together six ways you can ensure that your bills are not going to be late ever again!

Make a List
Are you planning to get one of the NHS mortgages any time soon? If so, you need to have an idea of all of your bills and your current rent/mortgage costs so that you can present these to the bank as your current expenses. This is a good way to show that you are able to make your new mortgage payments on time. If you have a lot of bills to pay, this will help you to get better organised and allow you to add your bills to a calendar, too.

Write the Due Dates
For every bill that you have to pay, write down the due date. Call around all of your providers and see whether you can change payment dates so that they all come out at the same time. When you do this, you can schedule them all to be due the day after you get paid, and you can feel confident knowing that your payments will always be on time this way.

Calendarise Them!
Are you trying to save for a mortgage? Are you working long shifts? Whatever you do, you need to add your payments to a calendar so that you can remember when they are all due to come out. When you work nights and mixed day shifts, you are more likely to forget when your bills are due to be paid. Tracking your bills through a calendar can come in handy to ensure that while you're confident they are being paid on time, you can better track your income.

Pay A Little More
If you want to make sure that your bills are always ahead, you want to ensure that you add a tiny bit more to each bill. Even £10 a time can make a huge difference to the overall picture, and this can help you to pay your quarterly bills early, too. It will alway go in your favour to have your bills paid on time.

You cannot forget a bill when you automate the money to be taken out of your account. Automating gives you the chance to get your bills paid even when you work those long shifts!

Manually Pay
While automation works in your favour for a lot of bills, you can't automate everything. You can, however, devise a good plan to ensure that you get all of your manual payments paid on time, too. Pay them right away when they come in and you won't ever skip it.