Feeling Good About Yourself During Lockdown

Lockdown is a difficult time for everyone for a variety of reasons. It may have hit some people hard financially and others hard socially. In terms of our personal lives, lockdown has affected many people’s self-confidence hugely. Since we are stuck indoors without access to a lot of the facilities we are used to, it can be really hard to stay motivated to work towards our goals. While this is completely normal and we must not be too hard on ourselves for not looking or performing our best during this difficult time, here are a couple of things you can do to feel better about yourself. 

Buying a Great New Coat 
Treating yourself is something we forget to do, but this small act can really perk up our moods a bit. Shopping aimlessly as a way to try and feel better is not necessarily the answer, but if there is something you have wanted for a while and you feel as though you need a little bit of a pick-me-up, then definitely make the investment. Buying a new coat is a great practical thing to invest in, so you won’t feel as though you are making pointless purchases as it is something you will use over and over again. Check out these gorgeous plus sized jackets over at froxx.co.uk and browse all of the different styles and colours to see what takes your fancy. Get something that will match all of your clothes by choosing a classic style, or perhaps go more daring with something new. 

Incorporating Exercise into Your Day 
Exercise is essential for both your mental and physical health and is probably the easiest way you can feel better about yourself during lockdown. It can be really hard when you feel as though there is nothing to motivate you, so why not set some personal fitness goals? This doesn’t have to be huge or monumental – just cater it to your own abilities and aspirations. It could even be something like ‘aim to run for two minutes without stopping’, or if you are a keen runner already, why not aim for a half marathon? When setting personal targets, there is no point comparing yourself to others: just focus on you and what you want to achieve. 

Taking Time Off Social Media 
Social media can be really toxic, especially during a pandemic where we may feel inadequate about our own personal lives and achievements. By constantly seeing what other people are doing, it can actually make us feel worse about ourselves and often invokes a strange sense of competition. The best thing to do if you are feeling insecure is to come off social media for a bit. This doesn’t mean you have to delete it forever – but try getting rid of the apps for a week and see how it makes you feel. 

Self-care is so important during these difficult and unpredictable times, so we must take all the steps we can to make ourselves feel good and remain positive. If you notice a friend is feeling down, why not pass these tips onto them – you may brighten someone else’s day!

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