How To Get Involved In Activism

Found a cause that you’re passionate about? Eager to start campaigning for social change? Below are some of the ways in which you can become a successful activist.

Educate yourself
In order to encourage others to take action, you need to develop a deep knowledge of your cause. This involves educating yourself through books, documentaries and news articles. Don’t just digest content that supports your cause, but also content that counters it. Knowing your enemy is also important - whether it be racists or climate change deniers. This will help you to formulate effective ways of getting through to them. You may choose to take inspiration from activists like Adam Elliot-Cooper and become an expert in your field. There may even be degrees that you can take to become an expert of your cause. 

Harness the power of social media
A post on social media may seem like ‘slacktivism’ to some, but it can in fact be a powerful way to get across your message. By using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can share graphs, facts, articles and images that support your cause. You can convert others to your cause and you may even be able to communicate directly with those in power.

Join activist groups
It can be useful to meet people that support your cause. You’re more likely to be able to achieve things in a group - whether you’re organizing a protest or sponsored charity event to raise awareness. These people may also help to educate you. Groups could include Facebook groups or physical clubs in which people meet up. There could also be nationwide groups that you can join such as Extinction Rebellion.

Volunteer to support your causes
There may be ways of volunteering locally to help your cause. This could include volunteering to tidy up litter in your area or helping to feed the homeless. There may be organizations locally that you can join. Alternatively, you could do it solo - there’s nothing to stop you tidying up your local beach on your own if you’ve had enough of the mess. 

Create your own campaign
Most activists help out with existing campaigns. However, you can always try creating your own campaign if there is currently no movement in place. Initiating a rally or hosting an event will take a lot of work and you’ll need to gain the support of others. That said, you may be able to create a solo campaign simply by launching a video online or starting a Facebook page.

Lead by example
Nobody likes a hypocrite. If you’re campaigning for change, make sure that you’re a part of this change. This could include taking steps to eliminate plastic from your life if you’re planning on fighting against plastic or boycotting companies that strongly oppose your views. By leading by example, you’ll encourage others to follow you and take you seriously. 

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