Qualifying as a Teacher in 2021? What to Consider Next 

Becoming a teacher is something that many people dream of and spend years studying towards. There are numerous paths that people can venture down to become a teacher, and there will be some reading this who are heading towards the finishing line of their education.  If that is the case, you will probably be thinking of the future, what life will hold beyond your studies, and where you will be on the opposite side of education. It will undoubtedly be a time of adjustment and transition, and that is where we have come to help! Keep reading for more.  

Getting Your First Job  
This  is  a momentous occasion  for  many  people  and something  that  should  be celebrated! It  is  quite  an  achievement.   Much like applying for courses to study to become a teacher, the processes are somewhat similar when applying for a teaching job. There will be lengthy processes and interview preparation necessary, but there are numerous ways that you can find the dream teaching job for you.  The Department of Education releases a list of vacancies regularly, and you can apply to the schools through them. Or, if you would prefer, there is always the option to apply directly to the school themselves. This is particularly helpful if you have done a placement with a specific school, built up a rapport with them, and loved working there. Some schools will encourage you to apply directly to them in these cases, so is something worth considering moving forward.  

Finding Somewhere to Live  
Suppose  you are  relocating  for a  job  or have  made  the decision  that you  would  like  to  settle  down  in a specific  area for the  foreseeable. In that case,  you will  probably need  to  consider what you  will be doing for housing.   Like when considering housing options for other aspects of life, you have multiple options available to you, including house sharing, renting, or even buying a home. Purchasing a property is an exciting thing to do, for you will have somewhere that you can call your own while you are setting out on the first steps of your career path.  While it can be a rather daunting prospect, with many concerned that they would not be able to afford a house's cost, there are options available to you, with some specifically tailored for teachers.  Teacher Mortgage is a company that provides opportunities for  NQT teachers, supply teachers and trainee teachers to allow them to get their dream home without the stress of money. To find out more about this as an option, head  to teacher-mortgage.com.   What's more, if you own your home, you won’t need to ask for any permission when wanting to get a dog or a cat; the perfect companion for those cosy post-work evenings on the sofa, marking students work!   

We hope that you have found this guide useful and insightful and are excited about what is to come! While you will be working in a sometimes-stressful role, it is sure to be one that is fulfilling.