The living room garners centrestage when it comes to updating the interiors of any home. After all, this is the place where you chill and relax at the end of a hard day or entertain your guests. So it is all the more important for you to ensure that this privileged space always maintains a polished look.Here are ten inspirational ideas that do not require a total re-do, but will add new life and color to your private parlour all the same. 

Go green 
Nature has its own ways to freshen up the environment of any space, and especially the drawing room. Introducing greenery, even if it is artificial, will not only fool the eye but will upgrade the space in glorious colors. 

Revamp the lamp 
Just by changing the shade or revamping the lamp can bring about a colorful change to the living room. You can upcycle from discarded items to design your own lamp to add an element of personality into the room interiors. 

Floor them all 
The right floor covering softens up the living room with its color and texture but requires an expensive overhaul from time to time. Try instead to layer up the living room rug with a cheap carpet, strategically placed below the coffee table or in front of the sofa. 

Freshen the upholstery 
Instead of totally changing the upholstery, consider changing the cover of even a small cushion. By replacing the old fabric with a colorful new one can bring a dramatic turnaround to the sitting area. 

Install an artful mirror 
Try putting a large mirror on an otherwise boring empty wall to bring in color and light to a living room.Embellish the frame with braids or a bright shade to lend some art to the mirror. The reflections introduced will eliminate the need to paint the walls. 

Eschew neutrals for curtains 
Dress your window frames with a set of neutral color drapes to maximize the height and provide the living room with an elegant finish. These shades will add softness to the living room and make the windows look beautiful. 

Add a side table 
This simple accent piece will not only serve as a competent piece of furniture for entertaining, but will also double up as a convenient place for keeping the necessities which are needed in a lounge. You can throw a favourite framed photo to the top as well. 

Set the furniture right 
Your shape and size of the living room will decide how to arrange the furniture. We cannot stress enough the importance about the small and large spaces of your living room. Having the right seating arrangement using these areas will make it look chic and welcoming. 

Place for books 
Apart from your collection of best-sellers, designate a place on the living room shelf that will feature titles that complement your style. 

Place doormats 
The walkway to your living room will look incomplete without this accessory. Make an instant statement by bringing in stylish doormats in florals or graphics, which will make your guests giggle with delight as you invite them inside. 

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