What are the Benefits of Flying Private?

Flying private is soon becoming a heavily sought after flight service, and not just with the wealthy. Flight companies, like Jettly to name one example, continue to reduce flying private costs making them closer to flying premium than before. This means if I want to rush for a business meeting or plan a holiday with my family and need the extra space and privacy, flying private is an affordable option. There's no doubt that this way of flying has several privileges, and while we are still debating if it is worth it, here are some benefits we could consider.

1. Privacy 
As the name suggests, we often consider flying private because it doesn’t include all the hassle that comes with flying in a plane with over a hundred passengers. I use private terminals to get to my aircraft, enjoy my space if I have to work on board, and only deal with people I know closely when flying with my family. 

2. Convenience 
When flying private, I am the one calling the shots, meaning I could leave whenever I want, and some flights even allow last-minute rescheduling. This is very convenient since I do not have to depend on a flight schedule at the airport to get where I'm going. If something happens that dictates I travel earlier or later than initially planned, I can easily switch things up. 

3. Saves Time 
Flying private is faster than other flights, and because of its convenience, I can save a lot of time in many ways. First, flying private checking points only take about 15 minutes on the maximum, whereas commercial terminals can take over an hour to get everything checked in. Second, on holidays and other special events' days, many people are in the airport, making it harder to cross from one terminal to another. If I am flying private, this will not be a bother as their terminals are more efficient and have fewer people checking in. Third, private jets offer one-way services to several destinations, even those that regular planes include a stop. This means I do not have to worry about the hectic implications of stopping at an airport midway to book another flight. Time is a big concern for many people as the hour we use waiting at the airport could have been channeled to something more private. The chaos is also too much to think I can multitask while waiting. 

4. Security 
We can never always tell who we are on board with on a commercial flight. Although security protocols are more reliable now thanks to advancements in technology, there is still a chance someone can bypass them. Even if it is not a hardcore terrorist, it could be an annoying thief or cone artist. When I choose to use a private jet, such concerns do not apply. Most of the time, I'll be flying alone, and even if I include my family or business partner, I know the people well enough to feel safe around them. 

5. Comfort 
Private jet and premium class comfortability can be considered similar, but this is not quite the case. Imagine having the whole plane to yourself compared to a simple expanded space. Flying premium could mean a spacious and comfortable seat, but there are still other restrictions. Flying private means I do not have to think about the person seated next to me, and if I fall asleep, I won't accidentally land on someone else's shoulder, making them annoyed. Some private jets also come with bed spaces, making it even more comfortable to rest on the plane before preparing for landing. I can order a few drinks and even have a small party when we are in the air. 

Final Thoughts 
From comfort to private amenities, many things make flying private a more prestigious option than premium. Fortunately, regular private jet bookers enjoy flight savings in the long run, as flying private is much cheaper now. I can decide to get private jet memberships that cut down flight costs even further or add some bonus points every time I fly private. No matter what angle I choose, the value is worth it.

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