How to Improve Your Home and Garden for Spring

Over winter our gardens die back, our homes get dirty and everything starts to feel a bit stale. When spring comes around, people get inspired to give everything a fresh new look. This year, in particular, spring marks the start of a new beginning. With lockdown restrictions lifting, we’re hopefully going to be able to see our friends and families for the first time in over a year! Getting your home and garden ready for spring can be a very enjoyable process if you have the right equipment and a loose plan. Today we’re going to look at a few simple ways you can improve your home and garden so that they’re looking their best for spring 2021. 

A fresh lick of paint 
It’s surprising how much a new lick of paint can really transform a space. We often become so used to the paint in our houses that we don’t get excited about our décor anymore. Choosing a new colour, or touching up the existing paint, can make all of your walls look clean and bright in time for spring. A fresh lick of paint can also improve the appearance of the exterior of your home. The house itself, your front door and the garden fences will all look far more polished if the tarnished winter paint is touched up again. 

Hanging lights and decorations 
Another great way to improve your home and garden for spring is to add some new lights and decorations. In the garden, solar lights, ornaments and water features will add interest and give your garden a whole new look. I’m sure you’ll be spending much more time in your garden over the next few months, so adding lights and putting your own personal touch on the décor will definitely make it more enjoyable. Inside your home, you could give the décor a refresh by swapping out the pictures hanging on your wall or adding some mood lighting. When you have pictures hung on the wall for a long time, you start to walk past them without even noticing them, so don’t be afraid to swap them out for spring. Similarly, your usual lights might not have the exciting edge that they once did. Why not add a salt lamp, some fairy lights or a colour changing bulb to give the space a new look for spring? 

Trimming back hedges 
Trees and bushes often die back during the winter months. As we move into spring, it’s important that you cut back any dead or dying twigs/leaves so that new shoots can grow. If you don’t already have one, I’d recommend investing in a tripod ladder to help you trim all of the hedges and trees in your garden safely. Tripod ladders have three-legs that remain stable on uneven ground, meaning you can use your ladder for a wide range of jobs around the garden. A well-trimmed hedge will thrive during the spring season, so don’t be afraid to cut it right back. 

So there you have it, a few different suggestions to help you get your home and garden ready for spring! I hope you found this helpful!

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