Beat The Breakup Blues - 5 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Mood After A Breakup

Going through a breakup can leave you emotionally and physically drained. It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions including sadness, anger, betrayal, loss, hurt, pain, rejection, and emptiness. As a result, it’s also normal to feel tired, unmotivated, lethargic, vulnerable, and depressed. You may not feel like going out with friends and may even find it difficult to get out of bed or go to work every day. Breakups are hard, but you must move on. As insurmountable a task as that sounds, following these simple and surprising tips below can help ease the pain of a breakup and boost your mood, so you can feel better about yourself and move on with your life. 

1. Create a Positive Atmosphere
It can be difficult to move on when so much of your surroundings remind you of your relationship. It can help to rid your home of the remnants of your ex’s energy. Begin by running an aroma diffuser with a scent that instills positivity and happiness like citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. Next, get rid of anything that belongs to your ex or that reminds you of your time together. You don’t have to throw it out, but at least pack it away until it no longer causes you pain to look at it. 

2. Go Out with Friends
You probably don’t feel like going out, but studies show that allowing friends to distract you during a breakup can relieve stress and help you stay positive about yourself. So, accept that invite to the movies, especially if it’s a comedy because laughter truly is the best medicine. *Note: Be choosy about who you confide in during this time. Try to avoid negative Nellies as you don’t have the energy to deal with further negativity in your life. Instead, surround yourself with people who bring laughter and positivity into your life. 

3. Eat Feel-Good Foods
Breaking up with someone can trigger a slide into bad food choices. From binge-eating to hardly eating at all, breakups aren’t known for contributing to good eating habits. That said, it’s a good idea to try to eat a healthy diet during this time as it will help you feel better both physically and mentally. Eating vegetables, fruits, and healthy sources of fat and protein will give your body energy. Though we’re not saying you should gorge yourself on sweets, indulging in some dark chocolate can boost your mood, according to research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology

4. Let Apps Guide Your Way Back to Happiness
Your smartphone is a powerful tool during a breakup. There’s an app for just about everything, and it’s these apps that could lead you back to the land of happiness and contentment. Look for apps like Headspace to help you clear your mind of negativity. Just be sure to allow yourself as many as six weeks before you begin exploring dating apps. When you’re ready, look for an app or method for meeting people that fits your personality and get back out there. 

5. Let it All Out
Sometimes you just need to give in and have a good cry. If that’s what you feel like doing, it’s okay to get it out of your system. By letting go of your sadness and feeling your loss, you’ll make room for positivity and may even feel instantly energized. At the end of the day, everyone deals with loss differently, and you must do what feels right for you. There’s no right or wrong way to process a breakup, but the tips above can help boost your mood during this time. 

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