How to Achieve a Stunning Look Behind the Mask with 3CE

The world has no other choice than to adapt to the so-called “new normal.” Sadly, even your beauty regimen might need tweaking. Every affected country has required face masks, which protect us from the virus and cover half of our faces. Now, makeup might seem unnecessary during the pandemic, but we cannot let go of it quickly. You might wonder how some women cannot skip makeup, but it has a deeper meaning than you might think. Makeup is not just used to beautify every face. It is also used to uplift your spirits by improving your confidence. Some people also use it as a defense against their insecurities. You cannot just easily dictate someone to skip makeup just because you think it is unnecessary. Always remember this. You have read something about avoiding makeup products at this time because it can promote acne breakouts. However, it is not necessarily true. If you are determined to wear makeup behind the mask, you must have the right products that will not harm your skin in the long run. You should only use non-comedogenic products or beauty products that do not contain ingredients that can clog your pores. With these, you can prevent acne flare-ups. Some of the best non-comedogenic products are found in Korean makeup. So, if you are looking for products with excellent pigmentation and long-lasting, go for brands like 3CE. If you like chic packaging, you will love this brand! Let’s begin. 

Start and end your day with skincare. 
The friction our skin experiences behind the mask can be very irritating. Nourishing your skin with the best products can reduce skin irritation, especially if you wear your face mask all day long. Also, it would be best if you use a powerful moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying and flaking. After wearing your mask, wash your face immediately. Double-cleansing could do the trick if you wore heavy makeup. 

Go for a lightweight base. 
We recommend you go for light makeup when wearing a face mask as it would only smudge if you do heavy makeup. If you can, ditch your foundation and replace it with BB creams or other lightweight makeup bases. Moisturizing bases like 3CE Back to Baby Glow Beam is a better option to prevent a chalky look. This product contains moisturizers, facial oils, and herbal extracts to nourish your skin while giving you a natural glowing finish. 

Opt for smudge-free and long-lasting lip products. 
Your lips are entirely not visible, so wearing lipsticks and lip tints is unnecessary until you remove your mask. You would not want your lip product to go all over the place while wearing your mask, especially when using a reusable face mask. For this, we would recommend a nicely pigmented lip tint. Tattoo Lip Tint comes with excellent pigmentation and staying power. It offers a non-greasy formula that you can wear by itself or with your favorite lipstick. 

Eye makeup will be your everything. 
Give your everything to your eye makeup because it is the only visible area you wear your mask. You can do anything you like to make your eyes the main point of your look. It would be the best time to master your eye makeup application, well, if you haven’t yet. You may try using shimmery shades to make your eyes pop, but you can also go for a natural look. Look for a palette that contains shades that you can use for whatever occasion you will attend. Fortunately, 3CE offers such an eye palette. Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette comes with matte and shimmery earthy shades. This palette will be perfect for your daily pandemic makeup routine as it is effortless to use. Pay attention to your eyebrows as well, as it is a significant factor in your overall look. 

The Takeaway 
You do not need to ditch your precious makeup products entirely during the pandemic. We just have to adapt to the situation we are in, just like wearing masks. Even after the pandemic, non-comedogenic products will benefit your skin, so be on the lookout for these products. Remember that you should also prioritize your skincare routine to create a perfect canvas for your makeup.

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