New Pet Hamster? Review These Care Tips For Beginners

Having a new hamster around can be fun and exciting but also requires work on your family’s part. It’s important that your pet is well cared for and that you take the proper steps to ensure they stay healthy and well. Maybe you’re new to owning a pet hamster and aren’t sure where to begin or what to do next. In this case, take the time to review the following care tips for beginners that will help you succeed as a pet owner and keep your hamster feeling great.

Set up Their Habitat
Your first step is to choose and set up your pet’s habitat. Your hamster needs a safe home and space for exploring and where they feel comfortable and at ease. For instance, your new furry friend will need tubes and accessories for playing, a water bottle, and bedding to get some rest. Put their habitat where you can see and easily access it and it can hear your voices. However, make sure you don’t have the cage in the noisiest part of the home as they won’t like this. Wait a few days to pick up your hamster because they need to get acquainted with you and your home.

Keep Your Pet Nourished
You also need to focus on keeping your new hamster nourished and eating all its food at each feeding. Be glad to know you can prevent selective feeding with food designed to meet the nutritional requirements of your small animal pets and rest easy knowing they’re getting the proper ingredients and components they need to stay healthy and happy. You must use quality food so that they aren’t trying to pick out certain flavours or decide not to eat when you know they’re hungry.

Clean & Wash Their Space Regularly
Another hamster care tip for beginners is to clean and wash their space regularly. Avoid cleaning it too much because you may create stress on your animal. You want to find a happy medium so it’s clean and presentable and a safe and comfortable place for them to live. You can use soap and water to wash out their entire habitat every other week or so. You should also plan to wipe out their food dish and clean out their water bottle weekly.

Provide Plenty of Opportunities for Play
Finally, you should plan to provide plenty of playtime and fun to better care for your hamster. They need and require a lot of time out of their habitat so don’t underestimate the importance of getting them out to run around. Consider setting up a gated area in your home where they can play with toys and enjoy some treats. It’s a great way to bond with your hamster and so they start to recognize you and the sound of your voice. Most importantly, make sure you always handle your fragile small animal with care. You should always pick them up and cradle and cup them with both hands to ensure they feel safe and are protected. You want to avoid your hamster escaping or getting hurt.

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