Camping With Kids, Toddlers or Babies- How to Make it Work!

Camping is a great, family friendly activity- it allows us escape our daily lives for a while and get outdoors, and do so in an affordable way. Particularly with the world the way that it is at the moment and the uncertainty of foreign travel, camping and holidaying at home in the UK is on the agenda for most of us, at least for this year. If you want to go camping with children for the first time, here are a few things to bear in mind.

Focus on your schedule 
Babies, toddler and even kids to some extent are ruled by their naps and feeding routines- for the most part kids that are fed and don't get over tired will remain in a happy mood meaning all of you can enjoy your trip. Try to maintain their normal schedule with these things if you can, some flexibility will need to be involved but normal food and sleep are still important for kids even when they're out of their normal setting, 

Let your child help you 
Depending on the age of your child, you might be able to let them get involved with chores or organising which can make life easier for all of the family. From making beds to putting things away, fetching items or having older children help to look after younger ones there's plenty to consider. Don't try and do everything yourself, you deserve a break too and simple tasks can easily be shared amongst the people you're camping with. 

Make a plan to use the bathroom 
Check out what kind of facilities are available. If you dont have a toilet in your caravan or you're camping in a tent then you might want to camp close to the toilet facilities to make things easier with young children. If you have toddlers then you can find great camping and travel potties. 

Bring outdoor toys 
As much as there's plenty to do in the outdoors to keep kids busy, you might need some extra help to keep them entertained. Some outdoor and camping toys can make things even more fun, from sports equipment to games, even a paddling pool if you're able to fill it. Getting outdoors and getting kids away from their screens is great, but you don't need to be all or nothing and having something to occupy them for an hour here or there while you're doing other things could save your sanity. 

Have a safe sleeping area 
Older children can sleep on inflatable beds or travel mattresses. Toddlers and babies will need a travel cot, be sure to maintain the same safe sleep environment when you're away as you do at home. This means putting them down on their back, on a firm based travel cot, no toys or pillows and with a blanket or sleeping bag which offers the right level of warmth for the weather where you're staying. 

Bring food suitable for toddlers 
It's easy to grab a burger, hot dog or any kind of delicious junk food when you're out but this isnt the best choice for your toddler unless its an occasional treat. You'll still want to be wary of excess sugar, salt and fat, and also be careful of the way things are cooked since young children are more prone to becoming unwell. Bring some simple, safe and enjoyable finger foods with you. If your baby or toddler is still eating purees, ready made pouches are travel safe and easy to feed. 

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