Signs You Might Be Getting Proposed to

So, you and your partner have been together a while now. The two of you have talked about your future together, and you both love the idea of getting married. You must now be wondering: when is your partner going to propose? While each relationship is different, there are some signs that a proposal is on the way. 

Your Partner Booked a Trip 
In your relationship, are you the one who usually does all the planning? Whereas this time around, your other half seems to be doing all of the admin. This could be a sign they're going to propose. Your partner wants to organise the trip so they know exactly when and where they’re going to pop the question. The chances are they’ll be feeling pretty nervous so want to try to plan as much as possible. 

Talking About Saving 
Does it suddenly seem like your other half is currently mad about saving? It could be small changes like cooking more rather than ordering food. Looking for deals while they’re online shopping. If you mention it to them your partner might say they just want to save some cash for a rainy day. However, they could be looking for cheap diamond rings. All this talk of saving could mean your partner is thinking ahead to wedding funds and building a future together. 

Special Calendar Day 
Lots of couples have dates in their diaries that are special to them. From their first date or when they were officially in a relationship. If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, it could be prime time for your partner to propose. Alternatively, there might be an event coming up that has nothing to do with your relationship timeline. For instance, it could be your birthday or a seasonal celebration. Christmas is an incredibly popular time for engagements. 

Asking About Jewellery 
OK, this one may be a little on the nose, but it’s a sure sign your partner is thinking about proposing. Maybe they’ve started asking about your ring size. You might have caught them looking at your current pieces. You may have even noticed that one of your favourite rings is missing and your partner has ‘no idea' where it’s gone. If any of these scenarios ring true, it’s likely you’re getting proposed to. 

Acting Strange 
There might not be any major sign that points to a proposal. However, if you’ve noticed your partner acting strangely - this could be a good indicator. They might be acting nervous or just not like themselves. You know your partner better than anyone else, so you might pick up the fact they’ve got something planned. 

Each relationship is different, and these are just a few signs a proposal might be on the way. How can you tell when someone is going to propose?

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