What is Vaping?

With vaping becoming so popular among those looking to find enjoyment in life, as well as it being something to help them relax around work and leisure, we thought it might be useful to think about what vaping is. So, in this article, we shall not only define the leisure pursuit but find out some more about vaping to demystify it for those who are considering it as perhaps an alternative to smoking. Vaping immediately differs from smoking in that you will purchase the main device and thereafter buy a cartridge with different e-juices contained inside. So, let us explore. 

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapour that has been created by an e-cigarette device. The device will vaporize its substances for them to be inhaled by its user. The e-cigarette will simulate tobacco smoking. It is now seen as more socially acceptable than its equivalent. A vaporizer is colloquially known as a vape. Plant substances such as tobacco, herbs, CBD, and essential oils can be vaped. It is as calming a pursuit as smoking once was. Except that the tradition of smoking has become rather socially unacceptable, and this is where vaping provides the alternative. 

How Does an E-cigarette Work? 
E-cigarettes work by heating a liquid that will usually contain nicotine, propylene glycol, and sometimes vegetable glycerine in addition or instead of. Also, flavourings will be contained within the liquid. Because of the way e-cigarettes work, they do not burn tobacco and so do not produce the tar or carbon monoxide that are considered the most damaging elements that are contained within cigarette smoke. 

A vape cartridge will be used in combination with vape pen batteries. The vape battery powers an atomizer in the cartridge which then heats the oil and activates the various chemical components contained within it. 

Different flavours 
An advantage of vaping, apart from it being a healthier alternative to smoking, is that you can choose from different flavours when you purchase cartridges. Some popular ones include Black Mamba, Blue Raz Cotton Candy, Frozen Lime Drop, Peach Green Tea, and Peach Pit Tobacco. There are thousands of flavours available and conveniently contained within cartridges. These make e-cigarettes so easy to use. They are a portable device that allows you to puff in any open space where you happen to be. At home, of course, you can puff away until your heart is content. 

Who Vapes? 
Many people vape who have never smoked, but equally, many people who once smoked now vape. It has become the healthy thing to do instead. There are so many health conditions that smoking causes, such as lung cancer and heath disease, strokes, or diabetes, not to get too morbid, that one must consider seriously quitting traditional smoking and taking up vaping instead. We could, of course, avoid either, but then that is not going to satisfy us in the long term when we want something to help us get through the stresses of the day by being the one thing that will help us to relax no matter what is going on around us. 

A Fact about e-cigarettes 
The e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik. He got the idea for such a device when he had forgotten to remove his nicotine patch before he went to bed. It was at that moment it dawned on him, even though it was night-time, that the patches did not give him the same “head rush” compared to smoking and his carving for “real” cigarettes. So, his solution became e-cigarettes which satisfy the nicotine craving. Only, e-cigarettes do not carry the same health risks as traditional smoking and what is contained within its smoke. 

So, this is what vaping is all about. It is the way that the new generation smoke and something that many of the older generations have now converted to with their health of importance to them. You can join them and also discover the pleasures and benefits that e-cigarettes offer.

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