3 Apprenticeships You Should Consider

Apprenticeships have been around for as long as anybody can remember. While many people might think that these are limited to the construction industry, that isn’t true. Multiple areas offer internships for interested applicants. While you might need a few things to be eligible for them, these will often be minimal. That should make them an attractive proposition for recent college graduates or anybody who wants to change careers. What kind of apprenticeships can you consider? There are three that could get your interest. They could be tough jobs, but they should lead to a rewarding career.
Top Apprenticeships You Should Consider

Health & Social Care
Over the past few years, health and social care apprenticeships have been growing in popularity. That’s been driven by a lack of appropriately qualified medical professionals in certain areas. These will typically be long, with many lasting several years. As such, they can often rival the length of a degree to get into the field. If you’re unable to attend university but still want to become a nurse or something similar, then this is an achievable option. You should know, however, that this will take a lot of time and effort.

Creative & Media
Many creative and media-related fields don’t require a degree to enter. While you’ll need specific skills, these can be easily learned over time. In many cases, they’re also best learned by doing or under one-on-one tutelage. The likes of hairdressing, floristry, and much more can be learned on the job. The same can also be said of graphic design, product design, and much more. Music lovers can also find apprenticeships in production, management, and other areas. The majority of these apprenticeships will focus on the technical areas. As such, you’ll need to be creative to excel in them. If there’s a creative field that you’re passionate about, then you should be able to find an apprenticeship in it.

Business, Administration & Accounting
Many people believe that they need to earn a degree to get into accounting or other business-related paths. While that’s often helpful, you can also choose an apprenticeship. You’ll still need to achieve any mandatory certifications, but it’s an effective alternate route. Alongside this, you’ll still need a few skills related to the position. If you’re considering an accountancy apprenticeship, for example, then you’ll have to be good with numbers. Many of these are what’s known as ‘soft skills.’ Typically, these are skills that you wouldn’t learn in a degree but can be developed over time, such as communications skills. If you can highlight these when applying for a business or accounting apprenticeship, then you can refine the more job-specific skills.

Wrapping Up
Many people often find themselves in unfulfilling or unrewarding jobs. That can affect recent college graduates and their more senior counterparts alike. You don’t need to stay on this career path, however. Each of the above could prove alluring to many people. Though you shouldn’t expect the best pay in the beginning, you should see that rise over time. Couple that with the impact you could have in your role and other benefits, then you could find yourself in a much more rewarding career.

What else could you want in your work life?

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