8 Top Tips For Passing Your Driving Test

Driving lessons can be expensive, and the longer it takes to learn and pass your test the more lessons you need. The average learner in the UK has 45 hours worth of driving tuition. And with lessons costing around £24 an hour passing your driving test can cost in excess of a thousand pounds. Here are some top tips for passing your driving test and hopefully saving some money on lessons, to put towards the car insurance instead!

1 The right instructor
It’s important that you are comfortable with the instructor you chose. You need someone who will give you confidence in your new skill, especially if you are a nervous driver. If your instructor is making you nervous, or not available when you need lessons, find a new one. Personal recommendations can be a great place to start, as well as an instructor with experience.

2 Intensive Course
An intensive course of lessons can be more effective than a lesson once a week. It helps build your confidence and develop your skills. It may seem like an expensive outlay, but in the end you could have less lessons, making it more cost effective.

3 Practice makes perfect
Get out there between lessons and practice, practice, practice! Again make sure the person in the passenger seat makes you feel comfortable. The last thing you need when learning to drive is a nervous passenger! Remember your passenger must be 21 or over and have held a full UK driving license for 3 years or more.

4 Know the route
Although you won’t know the exact route of your test, it’s really important to familiarise yourself with the roads around the test centre as this is where your test will take place. Familiar roads and surroundings will give you more confidence on the day.

5 Revise
Know your highway code. There’s no passing your test without it. So find time to hit the books and swot up. Don’t forget those stopping distances! Although you will have passed your theory test, you still need to know the highway code every time you get behind the wheel.

6 Reduce the wait
Once your instructor feels you are ready for your test, it can be a long wait to get a test date. You can sign up for a driving test cancellation to hopefully get a test earlier, and save money on all those lessons in between.

7 Left from right
It may sound silly, but it’s amazing what you can forget under pressure, including your left from your right! A discrete little L drawn on your wrist could make all the difference in a moment of panic and mind blank.

8 Stay calm
Most importantly, on the day stay calm. If you make a mistake, move past it and don’t let it knock your confidence. Ask the test instructor to repeat anything you don’t understand. And if you don’t pass the first time, just remember the saying “all the best drivers pass second time!”

Good luck, and have fun shopping for your car.

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