The Best Radiators for Your Home

As an important component of your home, radiators are as much a part of the furniture as your sofa or bed. However, they are sometimes overlooked and are left to blend into the background with many people choosing only to replace or change them if they have an issue. Depending on how old your property is, the radiators installed may need upgrading to modern equivalents. Even if it is a new build, you may feel the choice of radiators installed does not fit in with your plans for the room. As there are many choices for home heating solutions, here are some of the best radiators for your home to consider. 

Vertical Radiators 
Turning the traditional radiator orientation on its head, a vertical radiator has become a much more popular choice in homes in recent years. Ideal for rooms that have a narrow wall space that a conventional radiator would struggle to fit in, making use of the vertical space provides a compact and eye-catching design. Whilst suitable for any room of the home, many modern kitchens are a good place for a vertical radiator design due to much of the wall space taken up by storage or appliances. You can choose tubular or flat panel designs as well as contemporary or classic aesthetics that will fit any interior. 

Column Radiators 
Whilst modern radiator designs may seem too blocky or outlandish for some, there are still many classic looking designs that have modern-day features. Column radiators fit the traditional shape many people prefer, sometimes referred to as Victorian style radiators. You can choose to have the raw metal or anthracite finish for an industrial look or go for gloss white or other vibrant colours instead for a modern twist on the design. Suitable throughout the home, column radiators can become a feature in their own right and always turn heads as an alternative to panel radiators that have become the norm. 

Coloured Radiators 
Whilst white radiators will always be a popular choice due to their versatility in interior design, you do not have to settle for them if you want something different. Many more colours have appeared over the years and provide plenty of choices so that you can be more creative or bold if you want to. You can choose contrasting colours to your wall paint such as rich blues or bright yellows on a white wall or vice versa, match your radiator colour to fit in with the room aesthetic exactly, or even make the radiator the main feature of the room. It is up to you how neutral or bold you want your radiator colour to be, so find the right combination to fit your home. 

Towel Radiators 
Another highly practical design for radiators is the heated towel rail, providing a hybrid solution ideal for bathrooms. Whilst a common choice for many, there are still homes that instead use a standard radiator in their bathroom with a separate towel tail above. Towel radiators are specifically designed to address this and provide a much more convenient way to dry your towels. Whilst the name suggests a specific use, towel radiators are still very efficient in heating the bathroom too. With vertical ladder designs to fit bathrooms of all sizes, you will wonder how people ever managed without one.

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