Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

Are you in the throes of planning your wedding? Most people only plan on getting married once, so they want to ensure that it is as memorable as possible. Here are some of the choices that you can consider to guarantee that your wedding does stand out from the rest that are held in the same year. 

A Destination Wedding 
First, you might want to consider exploring a destination wedding. You can think about going somewhere else in the world to say ‘I do.’ If you are exploring this option, then it is important to check elopement legalities. You need to make sure that you know what your rights are and understand what happens when you return to your home country. You might need to sign some forms or documents to authenticate the wedding that you decided to have abroad. 

A Unique Spin 
Next, you should look at unique spins that you can put on the classic idea of the wedding. There are various unique spins that you can explore. For instance, you could think about getting married underwater or high up in the air. You might also want to think about throwing a themed wedding. As you might expect, this means that every part of your wedding plans matches a pre-set theme. This can be anything but it’s not unheard of for people to get married in costumes and have all the guests wearing costumes as well. 

Docu-Style Photography
It could also be worth exploring different photography options and solutions. For instance, you might want to think about documentary-style photography. Docu-style photography is based on the idea of moving away from photographs where people pose for the flash. Instead, with docu-style photography a professional photographer becomes a guest at the wedding. This allows them to capture intimate moments that you might have missed. When you look back at the wedding, it will bring it to life and ensure that the photographs or even the video taken feels far more immersive. This means that you can remember all the aspects of the wedding rather than just posing for pictures. 

Personalised Vows 
Finally, you should think about writing personalised vows for one another. Personalised vows are a great way to ensure that your wedding feels unique and stands out. It can also help guarantee everything feels just a little more meaningful overall. Not everyone has a way with words, but you don’t need to if you are writing your own vows. You just need to spend a little time thinking about what you love about that person. You can then focus your vows around these ideas and you’ll have something beautiful to say to your partner on the day of your wedding that guests won’t soon forget. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to guarantee that your wedding is more memorable and provides an incredible day for you and your partner. Of course, these choices will also mean that your guests talk about your wedding for years to come.