Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Is it Worth Every Penny?

Huawei has been a prominent tech brand for many years; they have maintained their reputation as being among the best due to their commitment to quality and great user experience. An example of Huawei’s products that have done well include the Huawei GT2. It has a stunning design which emits elegance and style- however, the smartwatch offers more than just its apparent looks. The GT2 is also loaded with tons of functionality that will make your daily activities a lot easier. In today’s review, we will discuss the notable specifications of the smartwatch and then list some of its strong points and what makes it more advantageous than its competitors. 

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Design and Feature 
We're pretty sure that the very first thing you’d observe with the GT2 is its beautiful design. And yes, we say beautiful because of its rounded bezels and AMOLED display. It has a very sharp and clear screen display that makes the watch appear like a regular wristwatch. This is especially true if you choose the right screen wallpaper that you typically see in a wristwatch. The watch adjusts to the surrounding light ambiance that allows the screen to produce a vibrant display even if placed under direct sunlight. In addition, the watch casing is lightweight and made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Thus, the watch is perfect for all skin types, and it may not trigger any allergies even if worn for long periods. Lastly, the watch is available in nine different colors. However, you don’t have to worry if you want to change styles from time to time. This is because the straps of the GT2 are replaceable, which allows you to mix and match depending on the occasion and attire you’re wearing. 

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Hardware and Performance 
The Huawei GT2 is a powerful and very reliable device compared to other mid-range smartwatches in the market. Thanks to Huawei’s Kirin A1 chipset technology and Huawei Lite OS, the watch provides a fast response rate, stable connectivity to other android devices, and generates quick and precise results on your health and fitness status. Aside from the design, you can also find the same excellence in the watches’ features. It is loaded with features that accommodate the wearers’ health and fitness needs while assisting them with their day-to-day tasks. Some of its notable features such as its 15 sport mode and sensors which include, ambient light, gyroscope, air pressure, accelerometer, capacitive sensor, geomagnetic, and optimal heart rate. Lastly, some of its special features include music file storage and playback, remote camera, message notification, hands-free voice messages, etc. 

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Battery Life 
We found that the battery life of the Huawei GT2 is sufficient to impress anyone. It is equipped with a 455 mAh battery that should give you the power of at least 14-days of usage. However, you have to take note that, like in any smart device, it may not reach the advertised 2-week guaranteed period if its advanced features are constantly used. The battery span of the GT2 may indeed reach the 14-day power if it were purpose as a regular wristwatch, the wearer only using its less complex features like messaging or playback control. Nevertheless, the battery capacity of the Huawei GT2 is the best among mid-range smartwatches. Such features could even rival flagship devices offered by more premium brands. 

Huawei Smartwatch GT2: Price and Availability 
If you’re considering buying a huawei smartwatch gt 2, you only have to prepare a budget of £129.99 or $179.92. The good news, however, is that the smartwatch is currently under promo, which allows you to buy at £99.99 or $138.40—that’s a huge total savings of £30! But that is not all! Huawei also organizes a special discount period called “Back to School.” And if you avail of one today, you also get a 10% discount plus a free gift. Visit your local outlet, or check out Huawei’s official online business webpage to know more information about the GT2 and the special promo available for the product. 

Our Verdict 
If you are particularly looking for a smartwatch that’s loaded with health and fitness features yet aesthetically pleasing, then the Huawei Smartwatch GT2 is probably the one you are looking for! Aside from the design, it is also very affordable.