Huawei Watch Fit: Is it a Good Buy or Not?

Affordability and quality don’t seem to go hand-in-hand when it comes to technology and electronics. For instance, the fitness watch that you need and fits your preferences doesn’t exactly meet your budget. Does it sound familiar? The good news, however, is that Huawei has been producing flagship-material smart devices at a low price. If you’re here because you wonder if the Huawei Watch Fit is worth the buy, then you definitely have come to the right place! In today’s topic, I will briefly discuss the key features of the watch and why they’re the perfect one for you. So without further delays, let’s begin… 

Huawei Watch Fit: Built-Quality and Design 
The Huawei Watch Fit is not your typical fitness smartwatch. For one thing, its design is sort of the fusion of a Fitbit Charge 4 and Apple Watch, which makes the watch aesthetically pleasing. Although it has a semi-formal style, you can wear them for all types of occasions, including formal gatherings and high-end events, as long as the color of the straps is solid and dark. The screen size of the Huawei fitness tracker is 1.64-inches with an AMOLED display. On the other hand, the screen resolution is 456 x 280 or 326 PPI which emits a sharp and crisp display. Lastly, it is lightweight, which only weighs about 34 grams and 21 grams without straps. 

Huawei Watch Fit: Operating System and Notable Specifications 
Huawei is popularly known to embed its own technologies in its smart devices. However, they’ve used the DK3.5+ST chip in their Huawei fitness tracker instead of the usual Kirin A1 chipset technology. This may be the case—the fitness watch is still reliably fast and responsive to commands. In addition, if you’ve owned Huawei smartwatches before, then you’ll definitely feel at home with the user interface of the Huawei Fitbit. It is running on Huawei Lite OS, which has a simple interface and is convenient to use. The Watch Fit works perfectly well when paired with similar Huawei products due to the Lite OS feature. This may be the case—they are still compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Despite its size, the Huawei Fitbit is loaded with features and functionalities. For example, it supports several sensors such as capacitive, gyroscope, ambient light, and heart rate monitor. Other notable features you have to take note of are a microphone, 5.0 Bluetooth, and GPS+GLONASS. 

Huawei Watch Fit: Battery Life and Performance 
The Huawei Watch Fit is primarily touted for its battery life. Among other fitness watch brands in the market, Huawei’s 180 mAh battery capacity can give you juice up to 10 hours of continuous usage. However, you may have to manage your expectation in regards to its battery life. The optimum 10-hour duration could only be reached assuming that the wearer doesn’t use the watches’ advanced features frequently. Remember that each application utilizes the battery differently. Therefore, the duration may fluctuate depending on your usage. Either way, the battery performance is the best and most reliable when you compare them to other mid-range fitness tracker watches. Also, such capability rivals flagship watches offered by more premium brands that last less than 10 hours. 

Huawei Watch Fit: Price and Availability 
If you’re considering owning a Huawei Watch Fit, you just have to prepare a budget of £129.99 or about $180. But if the price is still a little high, the Watch Fit is under promo, and you can purchase them at £74.99 or about $100. In addition, you can also take advantage of its additional perks, such as free delivery and free gifts. Since Huawei is a global brand with a huge number of consumers and partners spread around the world, you should find at least one near you. In case that there is none, you can always rely on Huawei’s online business page for more information on the product and available promos. 

Our Verdict 
If you’re looking for an affordable fitness watch that can deliver you the user experience you desire, then you have to check out the Huawei Fitbit. Not only that they’re budget-friendly, but the watch is also cost-effective. It is loaded with features and fashionable that allows you to wear them as an “everyday” watch as well.