Taking Charge: 4 Ways To Change Your Appearance Ready For A New Season

As a new season quickly approaches, many are  looking for a fresh start. Included in this fresh start is refreshing the way we look. There are countless ways to change your appearance, such as changing a hairstyle, brightening your teeth, purging your wardrobe for new pieces and improving your skincare regime. A new season can mean new beginnings. Why not consider rejuvenating your current look with one, or a combination, of these alterations to change your appearance in time for a new season. 

Changing Eyebrow Shape 
Eyebrows have the power to transform the face almost instantly. They can frame the face in a way that can balance and soften a look. It can also add definition and length to the face. One of the most popular trends currently is thick and bold eyebrows, as they give the illusion of youthfulness. If you have sparse or thin brows, use an eyebrow pomade to fill them in to create a fuller look. 

Cosmetic Treatments Make A Difference 
The technology used in cosmetic treatments today has advanced immensely. Most of the popular procedures on average will take two hours to complete. The recovery time for many treatments is about a week. Undergoing a treatment such as  a facelift surgery, not only has a short recovery time but will also leave minimal scarring behind. Whether it is a facelift, Botox or fillers, any one of these treatments can transform your face. Depending on the treatment undergone, some results can last between 6-12 months, whilst others will begin to fade almost 10 years post-procedure. 

Consider Switching Colours 
Feeling a little bored and tired of your current hair colour and style? Changing it up, whether it is a small alteration or a drastic one, is a simple way to completely transform your look. If you are unsure about what route to take, consult with your hairstylist. They will be able to offer advice on what style and colour would suit you and your complexion best. 

Applying Sunscreen 
Soaking in the sun rays might feel great on the skin, especially if it leaves a golden tan. However, wearing sunscreen daily will have a bigger impact on how your skin looks later in life. A vast portion of ageing skin is due to exposure to the sun. UV radiation is not limited to the warm summer months. The  impact UV radiation can have on the skin is every season. By getting into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, it will help in keeping you looking younger for much longer. Ultimately, if you are wanting to take charge and change the way you look for the new season, these alterations can transform the way you look tremendously.  

Additionally, changing your appearance can help in  changing how you feel about yourself. Some of these options are less time consuming than others. However, each one has its unique way to help transform your appearance in time for the new season.

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