Yoga Poses Perfect For Your Back

Are you suffering from niggling back pain? Most of us at some point will get back ache whether it be after lifting heavy objects in the house or sleeping the wrong way. As we get older we will likely have back pain more often, and it is important for us to know how best to deal with this pain and prevent any further injuries due to the strain. One of the most effective ways to induce some strength in your back is yoga poses. Yoga is an effective way to lengthen the muscles as well as add strength and this will greatly increase your flexibility and strength. Today we want to look at a few poses you should try to help make sure your back is strong and protected. 

Upward facing dog 
The first pose we want to talk about is a very deep back stretch which can work wonders when paired with a cbd muscle balm. Lie on your front on the floor with your hands crossed under your head. From this position, plant your hands shoulder width on the floor and lift your chest up. Look upward toward the ceiling and start feeling a deep stretch in your spine. This is the perfect way to release any tension in your back and it will be an effective solution. 

Reverse warrior 
When you first start practicing yoga there will be some poses where you have to rely heavily on your balance, and this is one of those poses. Because you can’t see where you are standing, you have to trust your body to plant itself on the floor and create a solid foundation for the stretch. Start out standing, then put one foot forward, turn your back foot outward, and bend so that your knee is 90 degrees. Stretch your arms out so that the front arm is reaching toward your front foot and the back arm is reaching far behind you. Your torso in this position should be facing to the front. Slide your back foot further back, and then bring your back hand to your back thigh, reaching your front arm up into the air. Close your eyes and enjoy this blind stretch. 

Pigeon is a notoriously difficult pose to master, but you don’t have to be a yogi to reap the rewards of this deep back and hip stretch. For lower back and hip pain this is effective, if not somewhat uncomfortable. Start off standing, step one foot forward and plant your hands on the floor on each side into runners lunge. From here, turn your front leg as if you are sitting down, and lower your body to the floor. Your front leg should be on the floor in front of you, as if it would be crossed when seated. Here, you want to try and keep your leg perpendicular to your body, but this can be difficult if you don’t have the flexibility. You likely won’t reach the floor with your bum on the first try, just get as far as you can. Once you are in the right position, relax all of the muscles in your legs and feel the weight pulling you down. Intense? Absolutely. Effective? Yes.

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