Best Home Improvement Gadgets in 2021

When it comes to home improvement, no two people are alike. Some like to do the work themselves, some like only the best of the best, and some just want everything to be automated. The following are the top 7 home improvement items that may suit your needs in 2021. Although not necessarily gadgets, we thought we would start with appliances as they may be the most important home improvement items to people in 2021. 

Frigidaire's 3D Virtual House 
The Frigidaire 3D house is a hologram-like technology that allows you to move about your kitchen and living room and see how appliances will look before you buy them. If you want to, say, change the couch in the living room, you can do that too. If Frigidaire ever comes out with a toaster and it looks terrible in your kitchen, not only will the 3D house allow you to change it around and see how it would look, but if you can't figure out where it would go. The app attached to the 3D house will automatically place it for you; or at least make suggestions on where to put appliances. 

Hoist Smart Shelves 
A lot of people are starting to get things done in their homes with their phones . The Hoist smart shelves are no different. Once installed in your home (or when delivery arrives), all you need is an app on your phone and internet access. The app will then walk you through everything you need to know about your new smart shelves. You can even control the temperature of your refrigerator and more from the app itself. 

Abode Smart Locks 
Although not as advanced as some may think, Abode smart locks are a home improvement gadget that allows you to monitor and unlock your front door with a mobile device. The lock will also send alerts when a key is used or a particular door is opened. You can give virtual keys to family members, friends, and anyone else who needs access without having to carry around actual keys. This can help prevent lost or stolen keys. In addition, the smart lock works with Apple HomeKit. 

AquaJet 3D Shower 
No need for multiple showers if you have the Aqua Jet Smart 3D shower. This revolutionary product is also working with Apple HomeKit and will allow you to change your shower's temperature, length of time, and even color. If you find yourself at a friend's house and want to use their shower but don't know how it works, just ask Siri on your phone or watch and she'll walk you through everything step-by-step--even telling you which knob changes the water pressure. The best part: no more cold showers on Saturday mornings before work. 

PowerShelves by Dyson 
Like most things Dyson, these shelves are expensive but insanely cool and definitely worth it if you can afford them. If you want to make your home look like the Jetson's and also get your house clean (and organized!) at the same time, then these shelves are for you. The PowerShelves include a built-in vacuum that works with lasers and sensors which will suck up all of the dust on your shelving before rearranging itself--just in case you decide to add or move around some items. 

Mobile Phone Boosters 
Although not necessarily a home improvement, mobile phone boosters are one of the most important gadgets in 2021 with the amount of time we spend on our phones. With all life going digital and everyone being glued to their smartphones at all times, it's no wonder why these boosters exist. Just like other cell phone networks, you can buy a 4g repeater that fits your specific carrier or service plan for better service and better prices . 

Safety Locks 
When it comes to home improvement, everyone needs a way of making sure that their house is safe and secure. Smart locks are the perfect gadget for this. You can now monitor your front door with an app on your phone from anywhere in the world when you have one of these locks installed. In addition to being able to unlock and lock your door from anywhere, they can also send alerts when a key is used or if anyone tries unlocking the door when you're not home. 

HVAC Systems 
Although most people already know about HVAC systems, they tend to be one of those things we don't think about until something goes horribly wrong in our homes. With so many devices in homes these days--including lights , appliances , and other electronics --it's important to use a HVAC system that is strong enough to handle everything. If you want a home that feels cool and comfortable , then look into these systems which can monitor your temperature from anywhere in the world. The best part: all of this technology exists now. 

3D Showers 
In this day and age, 3D movies are nothing new but it might surprise you to find out what exactly "3D" means--especially when talking about showers. Showers with 3D water jets provide impressive effects such as bubbles and rainbows. 

2021 is the age of innovation and technology and the Home Improvement gadgets reflect that.