Taking Your Office Communication To the Next Level

It's no secret that communication is key to a successful business. To be productive, your employees need to have the tools necessary for seamless communication. This starts by making sure you invest in the right office-communication tools and ensuring everyone has access. Next, make sure you can communicate with your team anywhere and anytime using these new technologies. Finally, measure how effective your team's communication process is regularly so that things are always improving.

Invest in Communication Tools
Investing in communication tools is perhaps the most important to take your business to the next level in the long haul. Communication tools include collaboration tools, web conferencing tools, and video conferencing. Tools like these allow employees to communicate with each other regardless of location or time zone. All they need is an internet connection, which makes communication easier than ever before. A great communication tool can keep your team informed, engaged, and connected 24/7. It should also be quick to use with a mobile app so employees can connect when on the go. Additionally, it must-have features such as polls and surveys for feedback collection, along with powerful reporting tools to measure progress in real-time at both executive and individual team levels. A great communication tool can also help you keep on top of your team's health and wellness needs. It should be able to do this with ease, for example, using gamification features that motivate employees by rewarding healthy behavior with points that they can redeem for special gifts or privileges. 

Ensure You Can Communicate Effectively With Your Employees Anywhere Anytime
Effective communication is key to success in any company. However, communication with employees is more than just talking during meetings and telling them what they need to do. Growing businesses don't have time for this type of communication since so much work needs doing. To effectively communicate across all levels within an office environment, invest in tools like hybrid mail to allow you to communicate with your team wherever they happen to be. With effective internal communication tools, you'll always know how your employees are feeling, what their concerns might be and whether or not they have any questions that you can answer.

Continuously Measure Your Team's Communication
Measuring your teams’ communication means you can track your team's communication frequency. This allows you to identify how often they communicate and who is talking the most. Measuring also lets you know what type of conversations are happening within your team. You can then work with your internal communications team or marketing department to determine whether these types of questions need further clarification. For example, if there has been a lot of conversation around product training, that might be an opportunity for additional messaging in this area, increasing engagement and adoption.
Ensure Your Communication Is Inclusive

As far as inclusive communication goes, you can look at a few different types:
Inclusive written content - such as not assuming your readers know what you're talking about if it doesn't relate to them directly. There should be clear callouts or examples in these cases so that all employees understand why this matters to them. Inclusive listening - meaning you don't interrupt someone while they're sharing their thoughts on something important. Inclusive participation - when it comes to meetings, be thoughtful about who you're inviting in for a discussion. There are plenty more ways to ensure inclusive communication within your office environment--it just takes some thinking outside the box.

In conclusion, taking your office communication to the next level starts with investing in tools that will allow you to communicate effectively with everyone, continuously measure how well your team is communicating, and ensure your communication is inclusive.

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