What Careers Are Available For Tech-Savvy People?

Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy person? Whenever there are problems with technology, do your friends and family always give you a call? You've solved so many problems that you start to think to yourself, hmmm maybe I should charge for this?! You could definitely forge a career out of being something of a tech handyman - constantly helping people with their tech issues - but there are plenty of other career opportunities out there. If you're really tech-savvy, here are some possible jobs you might consider:

Software developer
Do you have an understanding of software coding? There are many types of software development languages out there, and they form the code that creates pretty much everything you see and use on the internet. This blog is created using programming code, and somebody had to write it. There are plenty of different development jobs out there, but a PHP developer is one of the most popular. So, what is a PHP developer? Effectively, it's someone that uses the PHP programming language to make websites and other forms of software. If you enjoy problem-solving and creating things, this could be a career for you. 

Gaming developer
Similarly, you could follow a path that's close to the one above, only focused on gaming. Are you an avid gamer that plays video games regularly? If so, maybe you'd be interested in going behind the scenes and seeing how everything is created. You can theoretically get a job at the company that makes your favorite game, being part of the team that develops it and makes it even better. It's a very fun job if you're into gaming and one that offers so many opportunities in the modern world. 

Ethical hacker
Are you someone that's always been interested in the art of hacking? You're incredibly tech-savvy, so much so that you're able to bypass security systems and do things that normal people can't. Generally, hacking is seen as a bad thing that can result in big problems. However, companies employ ethical hackers to test their security systems. In essence, your job will involve trying to hack into systems and identifying the weak points. The cybersecurity team can then work on improving these points, and you'll hack again. Effectively, you're responsible for helping a security network become unhackable, so it's a very important role to play. 

Data scientist
It sounds like a job title from a sci-fi movie, but data scientists are so important in the modern world. Essentially, it's your job to look at lots of data and analyze it to help companies make better decisions. A simple concept, but one that requires a great deal of training. Thankfully, you're rewarded with a very healthy salary - the current average is $115,884 per year!

As you can see, there are many jobs for tech-savvy people in this day and age. To put it simply, if you're good with technology, you aren't going to struggle to find work in the modern world. Ironically, your biggest struggle will be in finding your niche and deciding what type of tech job you want.