Five Reasons to Choose E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Smoking

E-cigarettes are a useful tool in the fight against tobacco addiction; research has shown time after time that smokers are more easily able to quit tobacco when they first switch to a e-cigarettes first. Not only can the amount of nicotine be reduced over time, but from a psychological standpoint smokers are more easily able to break the habit from vaping compared with standard cigarettes. 

What are e-cigarettes?
E-cigarettes are rechargeable devices that vaporize a liquid containing nicotine and flavoring. Unlike real cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not release tar or smoke, and they produce no second-hand smoke. Essentially, they deliver nicotine the way real cigarettes do, but with fewer chemicals. To ensure your safety and make sure you're getting a quality product, be sure to choose the best online e liquid store

Less pollution
E-cigarettes last for a long time. Since they can be refilled it means overall they work out less expensive and are also less damaging to the planet. Cigarette ends contain plastics which contribute massively to pollution. 

Health benefits
E-cigarettes contain no tar, no carbon monoxide, no heavy metals and no carcinogens. Looking at the bigger picture, smokers making the switch would mean a reduction smoking-related diseases like emphysema and lung cancer.  However, if you shop to buy e cigarettes online, always buy from a reliable vendor to ensure you're only ingesting safe, tested and approved liquids

Vaping works out considerably cheaper than cigarettes, so not only will you make a difference to your health and the planet, but your finances too. 

Breaking addiction
Nicotine is addictive, which means that once you stop smoking cigarettes, you will crave them, so a successful quit attempt generally involves some sort of gradual tapering off. Cigarette smokers have nicotine patches, gum, and inhalers available on the marker which can help them quit smoking. But using these products is expensive and still requires considerable willpower. There are some smokers for whom these treatments don't work at all. These people smoke more cigarettes per day than nicotine replacements will help them quit. They smoke up until they can no longer stand the craving and withdrawal symptoms, and then they smoke again. For these people, e-cigarettes are a good choice since they still deliver nicotine but without the damaging chemicals.

The takeaway
Its no secret that smoking is bad for your health, traditional cigarettes have been shown to cause cancers, they contribute to numerous health issues, they're bad for the planet and bad for peoples personal finances. For anyone looking to quit or switch to a less damaging alternative then e-cigarettes are a fantastic choice.