Make Sure You Don't Miss These Things When Selling Your House

When it comes to getting your house ready to put on the market to sell, we all know the 'rules': get rid of the clutter, give everywhere a lick of paint and do those odd jobs. Do you think that is enough, especially in a housing market that is so competitive and difficult as the one we are currently experiencing? No, it most likely isn't. You have already bought your new home, using a guide to buying a house, but what about when it comes to selling? Listed below are some of the things that you should be doing to prepare your home for sale, but which many sellers overlook.

Take a look at the front door
The front door and entrance are the first things that potential buyers see when they arrive at your home, so you want to make sure that the first impression is a favourable one for them. Makeover your outdated doors with a fresh coat of paint and thorough cleaning, or completely replace them with external wooden doors. Do not forget about the minor details, such as giving your mailbox a thorough cleaning, putting down a new and clean front doormat, buffing and shining any door hardware, and dusting and wiping down any lights that are near your front entrance. All of these are minor touches, but they may make a significant impact in terms of curb appeal.

Make sure you open the blinds and curtains
A bright and airy house gives the impression of being larger, cleaner, and much more pleasant than a dark and dingy one does. Make sure that all of the drapes and blinds are opened as wide as they possibly can for photographs and showings. If they are unclean or broken, they should be replaced immediately because nothing filters out more light and gives the impression of being ignored than dingy window coverings. Check to see that the windows beneath are also gleaming clean.

Make sure your gutters and roofs are clean
The condition of the roof and gutters is something that every buyer worth his or her salt will check the first thing when they go into a house. A dirty or mossy roof might give the impression that the structure is deteriorating, despite the fact that it is in excellent shape underneath. If there is a coating of muck on the roof - and there is on most people's - give it a thorough clean with a power washer to get rid of as much as you can. Many people will avoid your home if the roof appears to be in poor condition. Obviously, things do show up in a poll, but the majority of people will not even get to that point if there is apparent damage to the environment. If the condition is exceptionally costly or severe, roof repairs can be prohibitively expensive, costing thousands of pounds in many situations, and they can even prevent mortgages from being approved.

Consider giving these a shot and seeing how quickly your home sells!