Back Pain: Causes & Solutions

Most people will experience some degree of back pain at some point in their life - or even at more than one point. If you are someone who suffers with back pain a lot of the time, then you might be keen to ensure that you are doing something about it in order to overcome its effects - and this can be harder than you might think. The truth is that much of what you need to do here is preventative. As long as you focus on the following, however, it should be a lot simpler and easier to keep that back pain at bay.

There are many diverse causes of back pain. The pain can be discrete or extreme, and it can also be acute or chronic. Depending on the type of cause, your back pain might vary a lot from someone else’s. But some of the most common causes are easily avoided as long as you are aware of them and you take the necessary care. For instance, one of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture. If you know that you have poor posture, and you would like to do something about it, it is perfectly possible to turn it around - you just need to make sure that you are reminding yourself to stand up straight and sit straight frequently until it’s second nature. Another primary cause is a sudden injury - of course, the only solution here is to take more care with your body as you move around to minimize the chance of injury occurring. Then there is back pain caused by another underlying condition, such as a slipped disk or sciatica. Very, very rarely, back pain may also be caused by cancer, an infection, or a broken bone in the spine.

So with all of those possible causes, it’s hardly surprising that there should be so many solutions as well. If you have back pain, in all likelihood you will want to deal with it as soon as possible, as it is a kind of pain that can make moving around day to day very difficult and troublesome. So, consider some painkillers in the meantime, and make sure you see a doctor - or go to A&E if it is particularly unbearable. On top of that, consider seeing a chiropractor, as they might be able to fix your pain in moments and for good. You might also wish to try acupuncture, which is known to be highly effective for some people (though not for everyone).

In terms of being preventative, see the above points regarding trying to keep your posture as it should be as much as possible, and taking care when you are moving around or exercising not to injure yourself. In general, pay attention to your back, and don’t simply allow pain to worsen without doing anything about it. You could be causing yourself more harm this way.