Here's Why Bespoke Weddings Are Better Than Package Deals

Wedding packages are a popular choice because there are so many details to work out and people like the idea of having it all done for them. You still need to make a few choices but most of the tough decisions are made for you and a lot of the organising is done on your behalf. Sounds great, right? For some people, it's a good option, but planning your own bespoke wedding is almost always better. Even though it might take a bit more work, there are a lot of reasons to consider it instead of a package wedding. These are some of the big benefits of a bespoke wedding.

You Get Exactly What You Want
When you choose a wedding package, you're limited to the options that the provider offers. This might not be what you want and it's very likely that you'll have to make some compromises. With a bespoke wedding, you can have everything just the way you want it. You get to choose the wedding venue, the food, the flowers and everything else. It also means that you're not forced to pay for things that you don't really want or need, just because they're part of the package. It's your special day and you want it to be exactly as you imagined. But if you go for a package deal, it will be somebody else's vision, not your own.

You Can Save Money
A lot of people think that they'll have to spend more money if they go for a bespoke wedding, but this isn't always the case. In fact, you could even save money by planning your own wedding. With a package deal, you're often paying for things that you don't need or want and you might end up spending more than you budgeted for. You'll also pay a premium because somebody else is doing all of the planning for you. But when you do things yourself, you have more freedom to shop around and haggle on price. You can also make savings by making your own decorations or having friends and family members help out with certain aspects.

It's More Unique
When you have a bespoke wedding, it's hard for anybody else to duplicate or copy. You can ensure that your unique personality is injected into every aspect of the day and the whole thing will be completely different to any other wedding. It really shows when you go with package deals because multiple couples are probably having the same experience on the same day. You want your wedding to be unique to you as a couple and reflect what makes your partnership special. You might decide that you want to do something completely out there and have a crazy theme wedding, for example, and you just can't do that with a package deal. 

The main reason that people are attracted to the package option is that they don't want the hassle of sorting things out themselves. But if you're willing to put the work in, bespoke is the way to go. Plus, you can always hire a wedding planner to handle things for you!