These Upgrades Can Increase Your Homes Value In The UK

There are very few of us who don’t dream of owning the homes we live in, at least one day, and in Britain, it’s a national pursuit. As property wealth continues to be the main driver of wealth creation, preservation and transfer in this country, young people save for years just to be able to afford a deposit for a new home. Then, when you finally do arrive aboard that coveted ‘property ladder’, the battle then becomes on how to increase the value of your home as steadily and quickly as possible, and thankfully for us, there are quite a few ways to do this that won’t just make your home look good, but your future bank balance too.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades
It should come as no surprise that the top of the list of home improvements for British homeowners are focused on the interior of our homes. Probably because most of us can’t afford huge homes with expansive interior spaces, we want to ensure that what the inside of our homes look like are sleek, spacious and make life as comfortable as possible. When upgrading your kitchens and bathrooms you want to look for quality finishes, top quality appliances and top quality tiles and work surfaces.

Double glazing
Just about every home in Britain now comes with double glazing, but it’s still worth looking into if your home doesn’t have double glazing yet. Many homeowners are now also considering triple-glazing as this prevents even more heat from escaping your home in the winter months and is quite effective at soundproofing against exterior noise.

Installing solar panels
An often contested improvement goal in the UK, because - well, we don’t have that many sun-filled days, the right installation for the area that you’re in can still make an impact on how reliant you are on the national grid. Latest innovations in solar technology for the home, mean that quite a bit of solar energy can be pulled from the sun even on overcast days. Power is stored in batteries and used as and when necessary.

Loft conversions
If you have an attic, you’re living under pure gold. Attic space is incredibly valuable if you convert that space into a loft. This space can be used for storage, a study or even an extra room and will add massive points to your home improvement for investment objectives. While you’re out and about upgrading and renovating your home, remember that you need to keep current your certificates and checks in as much as the electric work, groundwork, permissions requirements and gas work is required. You can order an EICR online for the electric work, or you can ask your auditor or contractor for help in obtaining this document.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a garden, no matter how big or small, you’re in real estate heaven and it pays to invest in upgrading your outdoor spaces. Certainly, during Covid lockdowns we all learned about how important an outdoor space can be, so show yours some love and it will reward you in spades later on.