4 Popular Family-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

With a nickname like Sin City, it’s fair to think Las Vegas might not be the perfect place for a family vacation. As a location that’s most famous for its casinos, it’s earned that reputation but as with any city, there’s much more to it than what makes it famous. Going back decades, Vegas might have been the furthest thing from a family destination but that’s not quite the case in today’s world. Sure, there’s still all the gambling there ever was but there’s also plenty of world-class entertainment that’s suitable for the entire family. For those unsure exactly what the entire family might enjoy most, here’s a few of the best ideas for your next trip.

Hershey’s Chocolate World
Those who are from the eastern US might be familiar with the Chocolate World located in Pennsylvania but for those who aren’t familiar, this is a celebration of all things chocolate and Hershey’s in particular. While both Chocolate World locations are different in their own ways, what you’ll find here has no shortage of that Vegas magic. Nothing says that better than the fact that there’s an 800 pound chocolate Statue of Liberty sculpture. 

Valley of Fire State Park
Located only around 50 miles from the strip itself, the Valley of Fire is going to be perfect for the families looking to take a break from all the lights and nonstop action of the city. Throughout the park, there’s plenty of hiking and sights so beautiful you might just find yourself considering Las Vegas apartments for rent so exploring the dessert is something you and your family can do every weekend. For those who love the outdoors but can’t stand to hike, don’t feel like this isn’t a stop for you. There’s SUV tours available as well so you can still take in every inch you’d like, all from the comfort of air-conditioning. 

The Pinball Hall of Fame
To give the kids a little history lesson of how previous generations played games prior to every house having a console, introduce them to the world of pinball. There’s more to do here than just look at the history behind glass; there’s over 200 machines to play as well as classic arcade games to round out all the excitement. The best news for those on a budget, it’s free to walk into the place and most games are only going to be around a one dollar each to play which is cheap enough to bring out the pinball wizard in each of us. 

Marvel Avengers Station
Since the release of the first Iron Man movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has captured the attention of kids and kids-at-heart alike. Here guests will be able to completely engross themselves into the universe and their favorite heroes, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk. On display will be various iterations of the Iron Man suit, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s hammer, giving the die-hard Marvel fans the experience of a lifetime. For those who can’t get enough Marvel, there’s even a VIP tour which allows an even closer look as well as a special gift for each person to take home.