4 Ways to Have a Romantic Wedding

Your wedding should, first and foremost, be a romantic affair. You’ve got a duty to ensure that your friends and family have a fun time on your special day, of course, but let’s not forget that the whole point of this day is for you and your partner to celebrate your love for one another. So it’s worthwhile taking steps to ensure that it’s as romantic as can be! In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll keep the romance levels high.

Pick the Right Venue
Your wedding venue is going to help to set the tone for your wedding day. If it’s a romantic spot, then you and your guests will feel the love in the air from the first moment you arrive. If it’s a little basic, then you’ll need to work additionally hard to bring the romance. So do yourself a favour and pick the right venue for your special day. If you get married in a place like Winters Barns, your guests will be in that lovely, romantic mood from the first moment to the last. The setting is important in all aspects of life, but especially when it’s your wedding day!

Twinkling Lights
There’s a lot to be said for twinkling lights! There’s just something about them. They can sound pretty basic, sure, but there’s no doubt that they have a positive effect on humans. Isn’t there just something serene, welcoming, and loving about seeing fairy lights dotted around in an outdoor space? We certainly think so. As well as fairy lights, you could consider handing some lanterns around the edge and having candles on your dining tables.

Love Notes 
How many opportunities do you get to spread loving messages around without it being a little corny? Not that often. But at your wedding? You don’t only get a pass to do this; it’s actively encouraged! If you’re having a lovely outdoor wedding, why not grab some beautiful quotes about love, write them on a piece of card (nice card!), and hang them from trees? There are plenty of magical quotes about love to be found. They’ll provide a gentle reminder of why you’re all there. 

Romantic Music
Oh, music. It can really set the tone. And especially when we’re talking about romantic music. Do you know someone who plays the violin? It can be extremely beautiful to walk down the aisle, being serenaded by an all-time classic love song being played on a violin. You may also put together a playlist of beautiful love songs to be played when people are mingling. There aren’t too many better love songs than ‘Book of Love’ by the Magnetic Fields. And, of course, you’ll want to get that first dance song just right. That one should be personal to you and your partner, however.

Take these tips, and there’ll be plenty of love flowing through your wedding day!