Do Your Staff And Visitors Secretly Hate Your Premises?

It might seem like a strange concept, but your employees and visitors to your premises might have a strong dislike for your workspace! All too often, employers forget about simple things like making business environments inviting and comfortable to all. As a result, such places can cause staff to leave for pastures new and even put off potential customers and investors to a business. You're probably reading this blog post right now because you have a feeling your business premises might be giving people the wrong impression. However, you're not totally convinced! With that in mind, take a look at the following reasons why staff and visitors alike might not like your business premises:

Uncomfortable And Dangerous Furniture
A leading reason why both your employees and visitors to your business don't particularly like being at your premises might be down to your furniture. Sadly, office furniture isn't something that most businesses consider priority expenses, and there's a "make do" culture that is prevalent in such places. Unfortunately, furniture can often become very worn and even dangerous to use.
The solution: buy new office furniture. It's as simple as that!

Your Office Is Too Open Plan
Open plan office layouts typically become a popular setup for many businesses as it encourages teams to work together better and supposedly promote a more welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, open plan offices can be a real bugbear for employees and visitors due to one problem: noise levels. If you've got an open plan office, consider having some dividers installed to help curb noise levels. Alternatively, think about introducing full-size room partitions and doors.

Your Premises Are Making People Sick
Do people working or visiting at your premises complain about feeling unwell after spending just a few hours there? If so, you must immediately take steps to find out what is causing people to become ill. Firstly, it could signal problems with dangerous gases or odours in the atmosphere, either from your building's infrastructure or your manufacturing processes. Secondly, you could end up facing many lawsuits from people if it's found your premises are causing individuals to have long-term or even life-threatening illnesses.

There’s Nowhere To Park Outside
Most people working at or visiting your business premises will likely drive there. Therefore, it makes sense to offer everyone somewhere to park. If that's not possible, people might be late to work or meetings in your building due to the lack of parking. What's more, it can also be inconvenient for disabled workers or visitors that could do with keeping their walking distances to a minimum. If parking at your premises is terrible, consider moving to more accessible premises.

It’s Too Dark Inside Your Offices
One final reason why some people might hate your business premises is that your offices and working environments are too dark. If that's the case, look at ways of improving natural light entering your premises, such as installing additional windows or even sun tunnels on the ceilings.Another option, of course, is to upgrade your internal lighting and use LED lights, where possible.