FAQ's About Identity Fraud Answered

It's the most commonly committed crime in the UK, and is also one of the most devastating. And, unfortunately, the people who commit it are getting smarter. Of course, the subject is fraud. If you suspect that you have been targeted by fraudsters, you need to seek the representation of a trained fraud solicitor to help represent you and attempt to regain the assets that have been stolen. In this article, 5 FAQs are answered relating specifically to one of the most common types of fraud, identity fraud. So, read on to learn more. 

What is identity fraud? 
In simple terms, identity fraud occurs when somebody uses your personal information to commit a crime or take out a loan in your name. Identity fraud can also involve gaining access to your bank account or credit cards in order to move money around. This is why if you ever lose your bank card or credit card, you need to have them cancelled as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring. 

I’ve lost my driver's licence; can it be used for fraud? 
A standard UK driver's licence contains on it a lot of information which could be used to commit fraud. While it is unlikely your driver's licence may actually be copied in order for a person to rent or buy cars in your name, it is worth noting that if you do happen to lose your driver's licence, you will need to report it missing as soon as possible. This will make it void throughout the UK if somebody is trying to use it to rent a car to conduct illegal activities. However, it is also worth noting that you will need to contact legal representation if you feel or have concerns that your identity has been stolen from your missing driver's licence. 

Can identity theft impact my credit rating? 
If fraud occurs undetected, then it can certainly impact your credit rating. If you spot that there are discrepancies with your credit card or your debit card, you need to contact your providers as soon as possible and get into contact with your local police station to report this. While it is more difficult for credit card fraud or debit card fraud to be committed, all providers of these cards are aware of this occurring and should be able to reimburse you and launch their own investigation. 

Can identity theft happen via social media? 
Fraudsters can get information about you from your social media page and may then attempt to commit fraud in your name. While you may not wish to completely delete your social media account, it is worth noting that you should be careful about what you share online. And, perhaps it is worth updating the security settings on your social media profile. 

Is it possible to regain the money that was stolen? 
In the UK, it is entirely possible to approach a legal team that specialises in fraud and who will aim to recover the assets. Typically, this will take a few months and the more information that you can provide to your legal representative, the better. Even if you have concerns that your identity theft occurred due to an international group, it is still possible to retrieve the assets.