Is Online Bingo still Popular in the UK?

The UK and US were the countries with the largest communities of bingo fans throughout the 20th century. In the United Kingdom, there are still plenty of brick-and-mortar locations where people can enjoy a friendly game of bingo with their peers. Bingo was once seen as a game for the older generation, and it is a brilliant way to maintain focus, hand-eye coordination and reflexes (which are all things that can decline with age). However, bingo is so much more than that now, and is enjoyed by all age groups, including the younger generation who enjoy the exciting, fast paced game and the chance of winning prizes. Things haven’t changed since online gambling came along, and there's still a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the game. In fact, many of the companies that rent successful land-based operations have moved online and carried their success to the internet where people can play right from their smartphones. 

Bingo concerns were addressed online 
Sports betting, casino games, and poker were the first forms of gambling to make a successful transition to the internet. Initially, when it came to bingo, players were more reluctant to forsake the familiar brick-and-mortar locations for the games on ether. Skepticism was high among players, as they couldn’t understand the mechanics behind the games, therefore were concerned about fairness. Being able to trust the random number generator and knowing exactly how high the house edge is was needed to address the concern. Another argument used by online bingo detractors was the lacking of human interactions. Bingo is essentially a social game where players are engaged in healthy competition, rather than being at each other’s throats. In land-based locations, they could see their peers, talk to them, and even become friends over longer gaming sessions. Online bingo was able to address these concerns by introducing chat rooms, where punters can talk to their friends and also meet new people from other countries. The early internet bingo rooms were pretty basic, with just a few functions and a handful of games. Things have changed for the better and today, a single account gives you access to a wide-ranging portfolio of bingo games. You can try out the classics or exciting new games with the rules slightly tweaked for more variety. This means that there are significantly more options for online bingo players than those who play locally. 

What makes online bingo so popular? 
The main reason online bingo has won the battle with its land-based counterpart is simplicity and comparison websites like who offer promotional offers for online players. You can enjoy your favourite game wherever you may roam, as long as you have a stable internet connection. There are also bingo sites where you can try the games in demo format in the browser or through a dedicated app. In any case, they enjoy immediate and reliable access to the portfolio of games. Availability is never a problem because online bingo sites don’t have opening hours so you can play whenever you want. Game variety is also better online and there are many sites where you can branch out and try other forms of gambling through the same account. Bingo games were never supposed to be expensive and the online variety is more affordable, with lower ticket prices. Online games also allow players to automatically check all the numbers on the list, so there is no risk of missing out on any numbers. 

Bingo online might not have the exact same feel as going into a bingo hall and playing with friends- however it's still a fun, exciting game in its own right and a fantastic way to kill some boredom.  It's well worth giving it a try!