The Secrets of Fun-Loving Families We All Need To Know!

Life isn't always fun; there are routines to maintained, chores to be done and lots of other tasks that we simply have to complete to ensure our lives run smoothly. However, it's worth making time for fun when you can, it's a chance to unwind and take a break and make memories with your family. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut and aren't having as much fun as you'd like, here are some ideas to make a change!

Plan Adventures- Big and Small
Preparation is always key. Families that want to have fun realise that they've got to put a plan in place. Book some family adventure holidays ahead of time and put them in the calendar so you have things to look forward to. If your budget is smaller, there are lots of shorter trips and staycations you could do that are plenty of fun but wont break the bank. From day trips to quirky little holidays that you can find online, do your research and get things planned!

Celebrate Events Throughout The Year
Making an effort to celebrate the little things really goes a long way. How about a family roast dinner every Sunday? You could make an effort to celebrate the typical events in the year such as mothers and fathers day, bonfire night, halloween etc. Organise a few games, some food and decorations and you're bound to make them memorable. You don't need to buy into the commercialism and spend lots of money if you don't want to, activities like themed crafts and baking works just as well.

Make Your Home a Fun Environment
If you have space for a playroom then this could be a fantastic place for your kids to hangout, get creative and have fun. Add things that encourage open ended play like a dolls house, dressing up box and crafts. If you're looking to redecorate your children's rooms, try and steer away from Insta-worthy and Pinterest style bedrooms and nurseries- they might look beautiful but in reality are neutral and a little boring. Add fun colours, eyecatching prints on the walls, a cosy reading area and fun bedding!

Make Playing a Part of Learning
From family game nights to nature walks together, learning doesnt have to all take place in the classroom. Make playing and learning synonymous as you spend time together as a family. Trips to museums, activities from camping to fishing to baking together can all teach children skills in a fun way. Great family activities enable you to make memories while having fun and giving your kids a childhood they'll look back on fondly.