5 Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Business Owner

It's more important than ever for businesses to act in a responsible manner when it comes to the environment. It is organisations, rather than individuals, who are having the largest contribution to climate change. As a business owner you need to look at your company practices and work out what you can do to be more eco-friendly. Here are five ways you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Cut your energy bills
Uk businesses contribute to around 18.2% of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. One simple way to reduce your own impact is to cut down on your energy usage. There are loads of quick and easy methods for being more conservative, such as being sparing with heating and air conditioning, turning off lights and appliances when not in use, and purchasing energy-efficient office equipment. You could even do some research to see if it’s worth switching to a more eco-friendly energy supplier.

Embrace hybrid working 
Your company’s working practices are responsible for a significant portion of your carbon footprint. And although your employees are not to blame, they each have a significant environmental impact each day. Many of them will drive to work in vehicles that release harmful emissions, and require you to heat and light your office. But by implementing a hybrid working policy, you can help them to minimise their individual impact. It may not be feasible to go fully remote just yet, but it should be reasonable to have your staff work from home two or three days per week. This will reduce their vehicle emissions and significantly lower your energy bills. Not to mention the fact that your employees will be happier, more productive, and enjoy better mental health.

Go paperless
Another way for your business to reduce its environmental impact is to go paperless. Most companies use a significant amount of paper over the course of a single day, but it’s no longer necessary in the modern world. Think of the trees and figure out a way to digitise all your documents. Not only is this more eco-friendly but it will also save you money by removing your paper, stationery, and printing costs.

Dispose of waste properly
Your company produces a lot of waste, so it’s important you dispose of these items properly. This means implementing a recycling system, ensuring materials like plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper all end up in the right place. A lot of common office equipment like spent ink cartridges and damaged hardware should not just be thrown in the bin. It's important to properly dispose of your hardware, and Equipment HQ offers hardware disposal for businesses.

Partner with responsible companies
You no doubt work with various other organisations including clients, suppliers, caterers, and outsourced services. Some of these companies will be environmentally conscious, while for others there will be a lot of room for improvement. Strive to only partner with those companies who are responsible. This will reduce your environmental impact while also inspiring others to do the same.