How To Make Your Beauty Regime Easier

When you look good it makes you feel good- but unfortunately, we dont always have the time or energy to spend hours each morning perfecting our appearance. Maybe you're a busy mum and your beauty regime is at the bottom of your priority list each day, or perhaps you have an early start or a long commute to get to work and need the extra time in the mornings for other things. Whatever your situation, taking steps to cut down on the time you need to spend to look good is always going to be a good thing. Here are some ideas. 

Cut Down On Cosmetics
Beauty culture would have us believe that 'more is better' when it comes to products and cosmetics, but thats not always the case. Getting ready is certainly an easier process if you do make a point of cutting down on your cosmetics- do you really need a ten step skincare routine and a twelve step makeup look? Cut down and simplify, bring your routine back to basics. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. For makeup, consider a simple bb cream and some mascara for a fresh faced look- you can always add some bronzer or eyeshadow on the days you have a little more time. If you get your brows tinted or micro bladed, you'll save time having to apply brow product each day. 

Get Laser Hair Removal
One of the aspects of beauty that takes up a lot of time and energy is normally hair removal. Keeping on top of it can be a pain, and it is the kind of thing that you will want to make as easy as possible. As it happens, it is perfectly doable to do that - you just need to get yourself some laser hair removal treatment from the likes of Mala Aesthetics. Stop it growing back permanently and you eliminate the need to mess around shaving and tweezing all the time!

Utilise Dry Shampoo
Your hair is obviously one of the most important elements to your beauty regime, and it's usually the thing that takes the most time. If you have fine, thin hair you'll find it gets greasy quickly regardless of what you do. Stretch out washes by using dry shampoo, and find styles that make it look neat and tidy on the days in between washes. A sleek bun or ponytail for example will hide the fact that it's becoming oily!