Tackling Those Difficult Household Chores

We all have to complete household chores to keep on top of our living spaces. At the end of the day, these spaces are well loved and well used, which means they experience mess, dust, dirt, wear and tear over time. Some tasks need to be carried out more often than others. Some tasks are easier than others. Some tasks are more or less enjoyable than others. All of this is true, but it doesn’t mean that you can skip some and brush them under the rug. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re tackling all of your household chores, as and when required. Here are some suggestions for overcoming the tougher and less desirable of the bunch.

Coming Up With a Schedule
Sure, you may feel that creating a schedule for household chores is overkill. But this is what will help to keep them on track and ensure that they are all completed at regular intervals. Creating a schedule isn’t so necessary for the more routine tasks that we do on a daily or week to week basis - such as cleaning kitchen countertops, vacuuming or hoovering, dusting or sweeping hard floors. Instead, they are best suited to those tasks that only need to be carried out once a month or even less frequently. That can easily be forgotten or ignored. Make sure that your schedule is in a visible location or set reminders on your phone and other devices.

Window Cleaning
There are some tasks that are neglected because they are more difficult to carry out yourself. One instance is window cleaning. Sure, you can easily clean the ground floor windows of your home from the outside. But when it comes to higher floors, attempting to properly clean your windows can simply become dangerous. This is when you may want to hand the work over to professionals who are Specialists in rope access maintenance to clean your windows safely and effectively. This may cost money, but it’s more than worth ensuring a good job and your own safety.

Carpet Cleaning
Sure, we all vacuum out carpets regularly. But you do need to remember that this only lifts surface dirt, such as dust and hair, from your carpets. More ground in stains require proper carpet cleaning. Make life easier for yourself by hiring a professional carpet cleaning machine, which can be pushed around your room like a vacuum, but that lifts and washes away dirt from your carpet’s pile. They use specialist detergent and deliver impressive results. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having somewhere to store the one you use, as it’s simply hired, and can be returned to the company you’ve hired it from after use.

Oven Cleaning
Oven cleaning can be a messy affair. It’s never easy cleaning off baked on sauce and other food splatters. Here, you have two options. You can use a professional oven cleaner to take the work off your hands, or you can use an oven cleaning kit. Just make sure to follow instructions, wear the right PPE and be careful, keeping the kit and its contents away from pets or children, as many contain corrosive liquids.

These are just a few tasks that frequently fall off people’s roster. Make sure to keep on top of them to keep your home in the best condition possible!