Five Things to Consider When You Change Career

The days of having a single career for life are long gone; nowadays, most people have several career moves during their working life. A career move can be an excellent way to improve your salary or future prospects, but it can also be risky; how satisfied will you be in a new position, and is it worth a salary reduction? Here are five things to consider when changing your career. 

Are you Ready? 
Maybe you feel dissatisfied in your current place of work. There could be any number of reasons for this, you might have an issue with someone you work with, or maybe you have reached the ceiling of your position, and you are ready for a new challenge or new career. So, how do you know when you are ready to move into a new career? If it is something you have considered for some time, then it’s a strong sign that a change could be beneficial. If the work has become mundane, that is also a strong indication that you need a new challenge. 

Do you Have the Skills? 
If you find yourself in a place where you are ready to move on, but you feel apprehensive about your next career move or job, that is probably a good sign. Someone in this place is ready for a new challenge and is likely to develop personally and professionally when they make the switch. That said, you also need to consider whether you have the skills and attributes required to perform well initially in the new role. If you are lacking in some areas, it’s not a reason to back off from the position; it’s another chance to embrace it and learn the skills that are needed.

Where Would you like to Work 
Some people like to work in a comfortable modern office; others like to work outdoors in the forests of the street. There are some people who like to work in warehouses as well. Consider where you would like to spend that vast amount of your waking life and choose a new career. The environment you spend time in is just as important as the work you carry out, so make this part of your decision-making process. It might even help to visit the workplace before you sign the contract to check if the warehouse has ufo lights and other necessary infrastructure ready. 

What Salary do you Want? 
Some people change careers for more money. A lot of the time, this is the main reason for the switch, but it tends to lead to job dissatisfaction, ultimately. If you are changing careers for the purpose of job satisfaction, you might need to take a pay cut; it can be a risky strategy overall. If you are considering a pay cut, the career move needs to deliver job satisfaction. Consider whether this is a role you have wanted for some time or a career move that will take you to a desirable destination. There is a lot to work out, so take your time; journaling regularly can help.