Cultural Extravaganza: Private Tours and Exclusive Events in London

Visiting London for business can sometimes leave you with some time to pass, and what better pastime than learning a little about the city you are visiting? Especially given just how much London has packed into its boundaries – there really is a little something for everyone! And this can be a bit of a problem when you have limited leisure time – it's only too easy to while away all your precious time wondering what to do and despairing over missing so many other equally good events or sights, that you end up running out of time to do any of them! Instead, why not book onto one of the following private tours and exclusive events from the safe cosiness of your serviced apartment and relax, knowing that you will be getting the most out of this experience at least! Discover London short term rental apartments here 

Exclusive Guided Tour of the British Museum or National Gallery 
These tours are highly popular and not widely advertised, so make sure you book yours as soon as you know when you will be in London to be sure of grabbing a place. Highly experienced guides, often long-term employees of the institution in question, will guide you around, making sure that you see the very best that the museum or gallery has to offer. This is a great way to enjoy a time-limited tour of a museum that nevertheless guarantees that you will see a lot of the highlights: win-win! 

Tour of Big Ben 
It is possible to go and see Big Ben from inside the Elizabeth Tower, but there is a process. It used to be the case that only UK nationals could go inside the tower, but this is no longer the case following on an extensive refurbishment project that has recently been completed. However, you must still book your place in advance, agree to the fairly stringent rules and regulations, and be in relatively good health: there is no lift to carry you up the 334 steps to the top! You will be provided with ear defenders too, but expect the 90-minute tour to be quite noisy, nonetheless! The tour is only open to those older than eleven years old. 

Skip the Line at the London Eye 
Pre-booking your stately whirl above the skyline of London in the massive cars that comprise the London Eye is perhaps the best way to make sure that you are not delayed in the sometimes-hours-long queues for the attraction. You will have to pay more for the privilege, but you will save a lot of time and stress, whisking past the hordes and being boarded promptly upon your arrival. 

Private Taxi Tours 
A number of enterprising black cab drivers – the famed ones who have to complete 'the knowledge' before earning their taxi-cab shield – make a little extra money by offering tours of the capital. These tours can be anything from half an hour to two hours in their shortest iterations, or they can be as long as 4 or 6 hours, if you want to make a day of it and see absolutely everything that London has to offer. The cabbies are friendly and knowledgeable (pun intended!) and will share a wealth of fascinating information and details about the ancient city of London with you and your group.