Simple Solutions To Those Common Cat Problems

Owning a cat can be a wonderful and exciting thing, and it’s something that many of us find gives meaning to life. But there is no doubt that there are certain challenges involved in it as well, and it’s something that you need to make sure you are aware of if you want to keep your cat alive and well, and as happy as possible. As long as you are thinking about some of these challenges in the right way, you should find that this is easier than you might have thought.

Scratching Furniture
This is something that most cats will do at some point or another, but hopefully only when they are a kitten. If you are finding your cat scratching your furniture a lot, then you need to apply the antidote as soon as possible, in order to nip that behavior in the bud as soon as possible. That makes it a lot more likely that the cat in question is going to be able to avoid that behavior for good, so it’s clearly important to do it this way. But how can you actually discourage your kitten from scratching the furniture? The best way is to provide them with something that they can scratch. You can’t really tell a cat off, it doesn’t work with them as it might with dogs and children. So you need to find a distraction for them. And the best distraction is simply a cat scratching post. They should soon find themselves taking all their scratching energy out on that rather than your best sofa, and that will of course be good news for your furniture.

Long Disappearances
If your cat is one that is let outside to roam, there might be times when they disappear for a long time before returning. This is normal for a lot of cats, but if you are not used to it, perhaps because this is your first cat, then you might be a little worried. And each time they go out, you will of course be wondering if this is the time they don’t return. If this is worrying you, you might find that it is simpler to try and keep them at home. This might actually be easier than you think. You can even still let them roam in the garden without allowing them to go any further than that. If you use cat rollers or something similar, you’ll find that you can keep cat in garden and worries away - and this is something that more and more cat owners are turning to. Of course, it might be that you are in an area where you don’t mind so much. But the point is, if you are worried about it, there are ways to keep your cat at home without frustrating them too much.

Fussy Eating
Something that a lot of cat owners will know all too well is that cats can be quite fussy eaters. Especially compared to dogs, who will eat pretty much whatever you throw at them, cats are a lot more likely to turn their nose up at whatever you have laid down for them. For this reason, you might find it necessary to figure out a way to overcome this issue, and it’s something that might be a little more challenging than you thought. However, it’s easy enough once you figure it out and get into it, so it’s worth knowing about. A fussy eating cat might need better food than you are currently giving them. Essentially, cats are very attuned to their health and wellbeing, so if you are feeding them cheap food this is going to be something that you are going to find they really struggle with. You might need to change what you are feeding them at least a little, therefore, in order to ensure that they have a much better chance of eating well. But if they continue to be fussy, that’s when you need to stand your ground. If you can do that, it’s going to mean that they are much more likely to carry on eating and the problem should eventually be resolved.

Bringing In Mice
Your cat might well bring you dead rodents and birds from time to time. This is actually normal cat behavior, and a sign that they definitely consider this to be their home. However, it can be unpleasant when you find them with a mouse in their mouth, or worse, when they bring a live one home to release into the house. If they are doing this, you will need to catch the rodents with humane traps and release them at least a mile from the home, so that the cat is that much less likely to find them again. If they persist, you might need to try not making a fuss when they do it. Basically, they will think that you don’t want them to do it anymore, and they are probably going to do it much less. However, if we’re honest, this is one cat behavior that is very hard to get rid of.