Love Interior Design? These Jobs Are Perfect For You!

Do you have a passion for interior design? Maybe most of your time is spent on Pinterest or Instagram looking for home inspiration ideas and all of your friends commend you for how stunning your home looks. It’s always been something that gives you happiness, so why don’t you pursue a career related to this passion? Many jobs relate to interior design in one way or another and here are some that could be perfect for you. 

Interior Designer
It’s fairly clear we have to start here, but you can become an interior designer with relatively no experience or qualifications. You’re already into interior design, so why not start a blog or Instagram page about it? Show off your design ideas and then let people know you’re available for consultations. They see your talents and will love your opinions on things - and you can go ahead and charge them for it. 

Home Stager
A home stager is someone who gets homes ready for sales photos. They’re a huge part of the home sales process as staging helps get the most out of a home’s natural beauty. Even ugly homes can look better when all the rooms have been staged professionally. You’ll alter the room layout, work on creating great lighting and take incredible photos. It’s like being an interior designer with an extra challenge - you’re not allowed to make any key interior design changes. You can’t rip up old carpet or paint the walls; you have to stage a home to make it look as nice as possible as it is. 

Estate Agent
Or, go one step further and find careers as an estate agent. Loads exist and your goal is to sell houses to people or find tenants for landlords. You can stage homes yourself as an estate agent as well, but you could also provide input for sellers trying to get the most value from their properties. Help them redesign their homes so they sell them for a higher price or attract tenants for a premium rental agreement. If you love being around homes and seeing different interiors, this is an excellent job for you. 

Set Designer
Here’s one that’s out of the left field, but being a set designer could be ideal for the interior design lovers reading this. Instead of designing homes, you’re designing TV or movie sets - possibly even theatre sets too. It lets you be wonderfully creative and frees your design mind. 

With a bit more research, you’ll find many more interior design careers out there. We think it’s important to change the way you look at your career path. For too long, we’ve been taught to find jobs that pay well or might be secure - with no thoughts about what this does for our health. Stop doing this. Start looking at your career with your mental health in mind; find things that make you happy, jobs that you’re proud to do. When you follow a career path based around a passion, you’re more likely to be successful and way more likely to have a healthy work-life balance.